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Exhausted, Body Pain and Tingling in the pubic area
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Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a disorder that causes extreme fatigue over extended periods of time which persists after rest and limits one’s ability to conduct ordinary daily activities. Discuss topics including causes, exams and tests for CFS, treatments and how to live with CFS.

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Exhausted, Body Pain and Tingling in the pubic area

Dear Medical Professional,
I experience body state that interferes with my everyday life.
Everything stared in August. I started feeling really really tired when after exercising or meal it was better. Then after a week or two I started feeling pain in the legs (hips) and in the pubic area (above the pubic bone). Also I started loosing apetite (where I feel really exhausted after meat or sugar for example, only light foods were ok for me at this period) and the tiredeness I was experiencing was really awful. Further to the tension in the hips and and the broin area my throath was somewhat of a tense as well and it was more diffucult to swallos (when I image eating something dry as spagetty I felt bad – I was aiming more for more liquid food). A little bit of eatching also in the scin I felt all over the body.
I went seeing neurologist and she made all the exams that came to her mind (reflexes, concenetration, senseion on different parts of the body) and all was really good, she said. Also we made and MRI in the calvical area since I had a pain there but she said we exclude the anxiety due to any pression or on the spine.
After proper diet and starting reaaaly slow with exercise I started feeling much much better. The tension in the body disappeared. Only the ligh headedness was left , plus some kind of rushes of exhaustation that appear for a short period (while walking I felt sudden downgrade which disappeard if I pushed myself to continue doing what I was doing).
Unfortunately, it all appeared again a couple of months ago. This time the body pain was all over the body and was so bad (not that the pain was sharp but I felt extremely exhausted) that I was berely able to get out of the bad – feeling like I do not want to do anything at all. Also some times during the working day I felt so bad and exhausted that I was feeling that I would not be able to make it through the day. I was also walking down the street and feeling really bad and I was feeling that there is something that I need to take out of my body. I almost started talking to myself. It was interesting that when I started laughing I was feeling that I should not stop cause it was feeling sooo good and my body was starting to relax and I was actually feeling the stress in my hip and body for real.
What was really bad for me was that the exercises started helping but they made me feel even further exhaused. Also the tingling in the pub area was really annoying and aggregating. Sometiems even when I walk I feel it so sensitive that it makes me feel even more nervous. Also there was one time that the tension in the legs was so hard that I felt it uncofortable walking – like the muscles are not flexible at all but like made out of stone.
Actually I did experience pretty much the same exactly 1 year before the first symptoms this year ( by this year I mean 2012  ).
Then I went to see endocrynologist – she made an echography on my gland in the neck and said everything is perfect. Aslo I expained what I experienced (no tingling the the pubic area though) and she said she does not see anything rather than that I should pull myself toghether and probably talk to a psychitrist.
I also went to cardioologist cause my pulse was a little bit high every now and then (about 100) but she said I was find after seeing the echography (there was a small thing but she said nothing to worry I was probably born this way).
Also they made blood and urine test and the results were all fine.
I do not know what to do know – I do not feel like I am living,  I just wait for the day to be over hoping the night will bring some relief. I do sleep a lot but not very deep and I wake up exhausted usually.
Also after masturbating I feel ever more tired and the body pain comes again. Also sometimes in the very moment that I am going to rease the sperm I feel like something has beein pulled in the pubic area – like a nerve or I do not know. There was even a time that it was so bad that I felt after the tension and pain spreading in my body that very moment.
My personal observations are that both times I started feelling really really exhaused was in the period of stress and also just after I was masturbating excessively (4 times in day , just one time, tough).
I do not have fever  altogh everynow and then I feel like I have one.
I really do not know what to do. To me this is defenately not normal life. I did reise temperutre one time this year but it was not too high and it was back to normal only after one day staying at home).
Please help – I am tired of relaxing a week and pushing myself to eat the right things and move the right way  then feeling good only a couple of days and back to the bottom again.
I feel everything so physical (altough I do not know what the problem might be) that I started checking all the possible causes on the internet which I know is not a good idea is it is derpessing to read all the problems).
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Dear All,
Just to point out there are many other things I can say about my condition but the summary was already too long so - if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask me whatever they are.
Best Regards
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