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Tired & sick of feeling tired !
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Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a disorder that causes extreme fatigue over extended periods of time which persists after rest and limits one’s ability to conduct ordinary daily activities. Discuss topics including causes, exams and tests for CFS, treatments and how to live with CFS.

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Tired & sick of feeling tired !

I'm feeling increasingly frustrated with feeling crappy.  I know I MUST start a regular excercise program, but by the time I get home from work, I'm lucky if I have the energy to get out of my clothes and crawl into bed.

If anyone out there has the patience to read thru this & give me your thoughts/suggestions==I'd really appreciate it !!

Happy New Year to All !!


47yr old female, 5'2", 168lbs

Medical Conditions
Several bouts with minor depression
One period of mania
Major depression brought on by divorce
12yrs ago multiple rounds of ECT (electro-convulsive therapy)
Sleep Apnea
Double vision (worse when lying sideways & close vision)
On and off swallowing/throat problems (drs. never able to figure
out why)
tremors (worse in morning-mainly shows in hands..sometimes
Continual constipation
no energy..fatigue especially in last few years
Painful, sudden spikes of pain in toes

Current medications:

7yrs ago--24/7 total body numbess/major pain increasing over
6-9 months from no apparant injury

Referred to surgeon, ACDF cervical C-5 to C-7

B4 surgery, had brain MRI done...dont have copy of results:

2007 increased neck/arm pain
Cervical MRI
No major changes

Brain MRI
several FLAIR punctate hyperintensities in the occipital lobes
bilaterally, unchanged from previous lesions, masses,
etc., normal vascular flows..some motion degradation.
IMPRESSION: Findings consistent with chronic small vesssel
ischemic changes in white matter tracts in the occipital lobes

(my 76yr old father..just recently had a very significant stroke-

related to the caratoid)
Over last 6 years, on & off pain...

Have always experienced moderate twitching while falling
asleep..recently severe jerking..even during the daytime..even
whole upper body, head, legs/feet (twice while driving) even my
stomach !!

Had Eeg done--nothing abnormal..except I do have incredibly
sensitive reflexes

Just experencied six months of continual numbness & tingling
of left side arm/hand..sometimes stomach/foot/leg & head

cervical MRI, shows increasing degeneration, but nothing to
point to the reason for the recent numbness/tingling/pain

Two months ago, had 2 mornings/nights with severe dizziness
only briefly while rising & walking short distances to the

Severe short & long term memory issues.

A day ago, while folding laundry (t-shirts to be specific) I held
the shirt up in front of mind went totally blank and I could
not remember how to fold it..i started to get scared..then after 2
or 3 came back

After 6 mos, numbness and severe pain disappeared

Recently had to start searching for a job after working 25+ years for same employer...i m very concious of my memory limititations...i would so love to go back to school & get a nursing-even a medical coding job. I realize that there's no way I could do anything that requires strong memory skills and it really bothers me.

Over the years increasing persistant pain/soreness/stiffness in
entire body(went to problems) She did mention chronic fatique in passing

did order MRI of my left knee..results (don't have technical
report) but it was basically bone on bone at kneecap

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First of what an amazing amount of willpower you have. keep your spirits high!

Muscle spasms is due to too little magnesium in your body. Memory loss is common, don worry it'll get better, if you take the following supplements: All one once a day unless listed otherwise Methylcobalamin 5mg
Vit. B complex Alpha-lipo-gamma 600
Vit. A 25.000 units (after 4 weeks, stop taking for 2 weeks, then start again and slowly build until you take 100.000 units)
Vit. D 20.000 units (daily for 2 weeks, then afterwards 1 every second day)
Vit. B2 100mg (3, 2 tims a day)
Q10 (make sure its the one which is already made so your body can absorb it without havng to modify, take loads)
Selenium 200 units
Zink 50mg
Magnesium (preverable as an granulets, or whatever you call it when it's not powder, take enough so that you ehm.. relief yourself aprox. 2 tins a day)
Quercetin plus Vit. C. 500mg (First take once daily, slowly take more, if your getting a haedache, youve taken to much. In that case dont take it until its all gone, then start again but with no so high a dose) Adenosylcobalamin 5mg (= folic acid. needed so your body can absob the b12 = methylcobalamin)
No flush niacin 500mg (trice a day)
Dhea 25mg
D-ribose 3gramm (trice a day)
Mvm-a (2 trice a day. high dosis vit and min combination)
NAC (trice. A day)
Super EPA 600mg (trice a day)
Nadh 20mg
7-keto 100mg

Dont bother taking any chemical substances, that'll only destroy your body further. (As its already under heavy oxidative and nitrosative stress, which in turn kills mitochondrian [which make the enery your body runs on], ruins your thyriod and kidneys and pretty mch everything else) For literature see Martin p Pall in the usa or W Kersten in Europe.

It'll cost a fortune and takes time but using all this i've gotten from not being able to doing simple maths (adding and substracting) severe memory ussues to being completely bedridden to studying at an University. (Contracted it at age 14, now im 24)

Take care!

Ps detoxing, to get the chemicals out of your body helps. Try first cleanse from renew life. And please also take their probiotica (50billion) because its highly likely that whatever is left in your body aint that much nor that helpfull
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Ps don't do exersise!!!!! I mean it, it'll only make the fatigue worse!!
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Sounds like major thyroid issues. Try selenium supplements along with iodine based foods. Go to health food store and look for a thyroid booster. All of the symptoms you have sounds a lot like what I have. Unfortunately most doctors don't check all thyroid levels. Make sure you get T3, T4, antibodies, and total TSH taken. Your numbers should be between 0.3 and 3. If it is higher than a 3, you need major thyroid support for Hypothyroidism. Good luck. You may also want to get your adrenals checked too. Sounds like they are burnt out.
Good Luck to you.
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Read the book, Stop the Thyroid Madness.  There is also a website.  Sounds like you need to add some T3 medication, as you are still having health issues inspite of taking a T4 ony medication.  I take T3 ad T4 and fatigue and all related symptoms are pretty much gone.  However, perimenopause, stress and hormones wreck havc on many women.  So change your diet to healthy options. Nothing in packages or with sugar.  This is what helped me. Not all thyroid doctors are equal.  Look for one that will prescribe T3 also and who goes also by your symptoms not just the number on your TSH test. Also, Kathyo68 is right about checking your adrenals.  Need an alternative health care doctor.  Good Luck.
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as mentioned earlier.. please don't do the 'exercise' - that is for healthy people with energy - i.e not us.
maintain range of movement with gentle stretching.. but housework and essential errands are sufficient for exercise!
if our screaming muscles can't make us listen, then nothing else will.
take care and be kind to yourself
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Please ask your doctor about using a vibration machine. Whole body vibration works your body, improving your body composition and things like circulation without you overexerting yourself. People who have a hard time with regular exercise find that a vibration platform really helps them feel better. Good luck.
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