4mm Upper lobe nodule
by poppie21, Feb 08, 2008
I had an abnormal chest xray then took a  C T scan  which showed terms  I don't understand and cannot get  an answer from the nurse at  my Military treatment facility. I need help to understand what this says. 4 mm onocalcified pulmonary nodule on right upper lobe. biapical scarring present right greater than left. No significant mediastinal or hiler lymphadenopathy. recommend short tern ct scan follow up in 3and 6 months .  please help I am confused.
by National Jewish HealthBlank, Feb 13, 2008
The 4 mm non-calcified pulmonary nodule on right upper lobe is a tiny spot on the lung.  With rare exceptions nodules of this size are benign, even when non-calcified.  The bi-apical scarring is just that, small scars at the tops of your lungs.  They were left behind by a previous infection and are of no consequence to your health.

That you have no enlargement of your hilar or mediastinal lymph nodes is good news.  That is normal.

If you are 35 years old or younger and a non-smoker, you may not need a repeat CT scan or can wait 6 to 12 months.  If the nodule is the abnormality that was seen on your chest x-ray, it could be followed by repeat chest x-rays taken every 3 to 4 months for a year.  This advice would not apply should you develop any symptoms of your lungs or chest.

You should discuss all of this with a lung specialist and/or your primary care doctor and ask them the same questions.  Do not depend on what the nurse or an x-ray tech may tell you.
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