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Bronchiectasis treatment?
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Bronchiectasis treatment?

I am arun,25male.I have suffered continues cough 6 months ago,and when i consulted with doctor and took xray and hrct
it shows i am suffering Right Lower Lobe Bronchiectasis....the doctor gave me the medicine EMOSOLINE,and i have been taking it for the last 4 months,but when i consult it with the other doctor emosoline is not the right drug for bronchiectasis this disease is not-curable disase.i am fearing about it...but after taking emosoline for 5 months ,Interstingly now i dont have cough...but i have chest pain little...
1.Am i going for the right path of treatment.?
2.Whether bronchiectasis is curable disease???if it what should be the drugs?
3.What is the risk factors of bronchiectasis?

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First, you should try to find out if the diagnosis of bronchiectasis is valid.  Was this the interpretation of the radiologist who read the films, or was it your doctor's interpretation.  There is no "right drug" for bronchiectasis.  An antibiotic is usually selected on the basis of bacteria found in your sputum.  We could not find information about Emosoline.  Perhaps this medicine has a different name.

Bronchiectasis can be seen with the disease, cystic fibrosis, so you should be tested for that.  It can also occur with infection with an organism related to tuberculosis called, mycobacterium avium complex (MAC).  You should ask if your mucus was tested for this bacterium.

Bronchiectasis is curable by surgery, when localized, but not curable by surgery in all circumstances.  It is not curable by medicine but can often be controlled by medicine, so as to not get worse.

This will be a very important decision for you to make at age 25.  For that reason, you should seek the opinion of a lung specialist, who has had experience with bronchiectasis.  This disease is much less common now than even 40 years ago so you would do well to choose a specialist likely to have had prior experience with bronchiectasis and that would mean someone in the age range of 45 to 65.
In 2003-04, I underwent chemotherapy for stage 4 leukemia (CLL), and during this critical medical event, I was exposed to invasive/pervasive mold in the apartment I was leasing in North Carolina.  I ended up in the emergency room numerous times for non-chemo related respiratory distress which has not abated in the years since chemo was administered to me.  My entire family had lesions from the mold too and my mom who has COPD, nearly died and ended up in the hospital during her brief stay in the apartment.
  I have left my residence in NC where I was being treated for the CLL, and my home in Hawaii due to ongoing symptoms and respiratory distress that is the same now as it was in NC....I get worse in humid environments, and in ventilated spaces so it is difficult to venture anywhere.....
  Recently, I was diagnosed with bronchiecstasis and I have the ongoing health issues with humid and ventilated places along with being told I may have lymphoma (biopsy not performed) which was to be treated with another round of chemo...I said NO until they could confirm the lymphoma versus swollen lymph nodes due to an infection...I also have chronic sinusitis which tells even a laymen that there is something else going on in my body.  The doctors (pulmonologist, allergist, etc) say that since I do not have an IgE, IgG, IgA or any immune response that I do not have any sensitivity to airborne irritants.
  Also because my torso itches as does my eyes which the doctors say is lymphoma or cancer related--I do not always have the itchiness so I do not buy that reason at all.  Even certain foods (i.e. cheese, dark beer, wheat bread and others) exacerbate my itchiness, congestion and chest pain.
  I am at my wits end to figure this physical issue out.  If you can give me direction on this critical issue, I would be grateful to you.  Mahalo
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