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Should I be worried with these spirometry results?
I am a very active, typically healthy, active, 29 year old female. For as long as I can remember I have had troubles with breathing.

When I was younger I was diagnosed with asthma. To my recollection this diagnosis was based merely off of symptoms alone.

I have found myself short of breath walking up stairs, talking, even standing and doing dishes. I began to seek medical attention and through process of elimination, it appears that I may have a restrictive problem with my lungs.

I was going to have a amnitol challenge done with my spirometry, however, the tech. decided the challenge was no longer necessary after seeing my results from the spirometery. I also have values for diffusing capacity and resistance.

Here are the results:


                                        Ref               Pre              %Ref

FVC          Liters               4.50             3.75                 83
FEV1        Liters               3.57             3.32                 93
FEV1/FVC    %                   79                89
FEF25-75  L/sec              3.88              4.18                108
IsoFEF25-75 L/sec            3.88             4.18                108
PEF           L/sec              7.25             7.26                100
FET100%  Sec                                     2.93
FIF50%      L/sec                                  3.95

Lung Volumes:

TLC         Liters                6.35            **4.36               **69
VC          Liters                4.50               3.75                 83
FRC PL   Liters                3.36             **1.89              **56
ERV        Liters                1.49             **0.81              **54
RV          Liters                2.05             **0.61              **30
RV/TLC      %                     29                **14

Diffusing Capacity:

DLCO      mL/mmHg/min    27.7              24.1                 87
DL Adj     mL/mmHg/min    27.7              24.1                 87
DLCO/VA mL/mmHg/min    4.62             5.69                 123
VA            Liters                                   4.24                  
IVC           Liters                                   3.33


Raw          cmH2O/L/sec    1.12             2.72                   244
Gaw          L/sec/cmH2O   0.807            0.367                   46
Vtg (Raw)   Liters                                   2.44
Raw f           BPM                                     81

I am awaiting the next step, but I was told not to work out or exert myself until further notice. I really enjoy working out. I was told that it could be scar tissue, and if so there is no treatment or anything to make you more comfortable. Thank you in advance for any help!
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