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Burning inflamation sensation in right shoulder

I hope someone can tell me what this might be. Five years ago, i remeber playing arm restling, and after one match, i ask someone to help strech my arm, so i sit down on a chair, and that person just yankes my arm back while i had it streched, i felt a bad pain, which went away slowly. Sice that day, i've been feeling more less a burning tingling sensation in my right shoulder joint, to the point that i might not be feeling anything, and if i tal on the phone for 3 minutes, i start feeling the burning and tingling sensation all the way to my fingers. Also when i do feel that disconfort, i have the tendency of pulling my arm in different directinos to aleviate the burning, and i do feel as if it is more lose than my other shoulder, i even put my ear close to the shoulder while im pulling out, and hear a lot of fluid. Beside my symptoms, i use to work out, and did get months withought lifting any weights, but when i did do anything such as holding up a phone or any object up, the burning would start. Please let me know what this could be.
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