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Chronic Eye Pain and Nortriptyline
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Chronic Eye Pain and Nortriptyline

Hi, I've been suffering now with the most severe eye pain (7 months).
After lots and lots of tests at my usual eye infirmary including an MRI, I am now no further forward.
I have however got a neurologist appointment due on 21st April and have been given Nortriptyline to take, which is usually given as an antidepressant, but told it can work for eye pain and migraine type pain.

Anyway, I've been told to start on 10mg per day increasing it to a maximum dose of 100mg slowly over the next few weeks.

Has anyone here got any experience of this as so far I've been on Gabapentin, Codeine and they've had no effect?

I'm at the stage now where I really just want the pain to stop then think about what is causing it.
Look forward to your replies.
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It sounds like you are being treated for cluster headaches-- which consist of severe pain behind one eye.  The headaches have been called 'suicide headaches' because of their severity.  I hope the medication, or another medication, helps to prevent them.
I dont know specifically about eye pain but tricylclic antidepressants are known to be effective for pain in many patients. Usually, elavil would likely be the most effective but it also has the highest amount of side effects of the drugs in that class so pamelor is probably worth a shot. good luck.
Yes, after seeing the neurologist earlier this week, it looks like i've got Cluster Headaches.

She has given me Indometacin to take and to keep on with the other meds - specifically told not to change them.

I looked it up and I think I've got CPH Chronic Paroxsymal Hemicrania.  Which is the worst type.  BUT... ironically after leaving the clinic my pain shifted sides.  It went into my left eye, moved its way to my cheek, teeth and neck!

Last night it shifted back to the right for a short while but this morning is now back in my left eye only.  The pain is very bad and yes, I agree with you Jeffrey. when it all started I seriously thought that if it were to continue at the strength of the pain I had then, then my life would not be worth living.

The worst part, is knowing that if I had not got this dreaded disease I would have found a new job by now and been married.  Alas, it was not to be.

As it's only 4 days in with the Indometacin (which I undrestand should work well if I've got CPH) I will give it a while before ringing the neurologist.  I don't think it's working though.  WIll up my Nortriptyline to 50 on Sunday night and see if that helps.  I've still got another 50mg to play with if that doesn't work apparently.

Thank you Dave and Jeffrey.  

Will see if there's a page on here for Cluster Headaches, now that I know what I'm dealing with.
Nortryptaline 60 mg ( 30 mg in morning 30 at night) and 60 mg or cymbalta cured it, i was ready to commit suicide too
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