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Pain/Ache in Legs & Arms
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Pain/Ache in Legs & Arms

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve gotten leg aches, mainly when I walked a lot. My mom always called them “growing pains." As a kid, Tylenol was very effective getting rid of it.

For the past six months I’ve had the same pain, constantly from the time I wake up, all day long and increases when I walk a lot.  

Here are some things that describe my issues and history

- I am 32 years old and not overweight
- Location of pain: Below my knees in the front, can be one or both legs, down to my ankles. When it’s very bad it can be the entire front part of my leg up to my thighs. Not sure if it’s bone pain or deep muscle pain.  Feels like my bone.
- Type of pain: Constant moderate ache, increases with physical activity
- I have two bulged and degenerated discs, and arthritis in my lumbar spine
- Recently got an Xray of my legs, turned out fine
- Narcotic pain relievers and applying heat are the only things that help; I’ve tried prescription anti-inflammatories, doesn’t touch the pain
- I often feel a similar ache in my forearms. This is not constant, but it’s the same type of pain
- I’ve gotten lots of blood work done, including vitamin tests and I am not vitamin deficient
- Take a multivitamin every day, extra potassium, vitamin d, iron, calcium, magnesium
- I do have some fibromaylgia (fibromyalgia) symptoms such as pain, lack of energy, headaches, sleep disturbances, and depression (which I feel is caused by the pain.)  My Dr. tested four of my pressure points, only one hurt pretty bad (like I was being bruised) and one other hurt a little. The other two did not hurt at all.  
-My Dr. gave me Savella to try and I’ve been on it for about a week. I read it can take up to two months to really start working. It is not working at all yet.

If this doesn't sound like fibromaylgia (fibromyalgia), any other ideas as to what this might be, or are there any other tests or specialists I can ask for that may help diagnose me? My Dr. is stumped.  Thanks in advance.
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Avatar dr f tn
Hi Friend,
Well in this complex scenario, it would be really nice, if you can get a simple bone scan done (3 phase), which will help us to understand, if there is some increased vascularity or not.
Post scan results, we would discuss further.
Avatar m tn
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