left butt check pain that continues down my left leg
by terifuette, Aug 10, 2009
my pain won't stop it has almost got me to the point I don't do anything but try to find a confortable position to sit, lay  in it is cronic I am in great shape otherwise I hit 100 softballs a day before this started I don't smoke, don't drink please tell me what causes this.
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by southernbelleinoregon91, Aug 14, 2009
from just your first thought was sciatica. google it and check the symptoms.

hope that helps
by cindycee, Aug 18, 2009
I have the same pain for years then they started to get worse, my doctor couldnt find the answer so he told me that the pain was all in my head, so I  got to believe that I was going crazy until  my legs were going numb from my knees down to my ankles, I went to another hospital in tears and they made me get a mri and found out I had 4 herniated discs I had to get emergency surgery and they removed L5 im still in alot of chronic pain but the numbness went away, I do need more surgery but im scared they gave me 50 50 chance to walk if I do decide to get operated

if one doctor cant help you continue until you find the right one, dont go through the hell I went through

good luck

by deebelle3, Aug 23, 2009
You are very young and hopefully the pain is nothing. I would see a Dr. though just for the heck of it. You might have pulled something.
Good luck and let me know what happens!!!

by Melvyn, Sep 11, 2009
Hi! To all
New to this so hope this is in the right section. I could do with some help and hope there is someone out there that can help me.
12 years ago was diagnosed with Acromegaly and was put on 2 weekly injections. The same 2 nurses at my surgery alternatly did the injection in the rear end and I never experienced any problems until a month ago when a different nurse was in the room waiting for me. I remember the surgery was very busy and she was in a rush and seemed a little harrased. I pulled my trousers down and quickly the needle was pushed into the bum muscle I remember the rawness feel of the needle entering the area and was different than all the jabs I have had in the past. Since this I have been in agony sleepness nights and pain I hope no one else will feel. I have been down to outpatients at night and visits to my Gp as the 2 days after the jab I was put on Morphine and somes time it doesnt stop the pain and I am taking over the prescribed dose. I wrote a letter to the surgery asking for an explanation and that I have to wait 6 weeks to visit pain management at the Hospital.
The top Doctor at my surgery phoned me Friday to say he does not know what went wrong with the jab but my regular Gp says that the injection went wrong and has damaged the Sciatic nerve. I am worried as I dont want to get any one in to trouble but due to the pain experienced and still here a month on I have will have to refuse the jabs that are keeping me alive as if the doctor is saying its not the nurses fault I am worried it could happen again. I am lucky to have a good partner as I keep the familly awake at night and have to have help dressing visits to the toilet and washing. This really has dissabled me. I was also born with Asthma and the Morphine is making this worse. Many thanks for reading this.
Please can some one advise me I have been in agony for weeks and they dont seem to care
by Daryn, Sep 28, 2009
you may have a pinched nerve in your lower spine. I sugest you get a M.R.I. of your back.
by Daryn, Sep 28, 2009
I need to know how long metha done stays in your system.If you please give me an answer. Thank you,    sincerely, Daryn
by laurielyn55, Oct 01, 2009
I am in terrible pain and have been since I was 29. I am now 54. I have been diagnosed with Anklosing spondylitis and have DDD, I have ruptered discs, protruding discs, so many things I can't can't write them all. I am on a lot of narcotics and alot of medcation for my different arthritis conditions. I am ready to lsoe my mind from this pain. I too had a terrible childhood and have a daughter who has caused me a lot of pain so this all has almost been too much to bear.
by Melvyn, Oct 02, 2009
Hi All! Since my last mes I have visited a specialist who informed me that the injection has damaged the 5th Lumbar nerve and may be a long term problem as I am still in pain and still on the Morphine to help.
Please Please could any one help me find more information on this nerve.
My 5th Lumber nerve is at the correct depth as I have had 12 years of fornightly injections and would have had problems before if it was near the surface.
This visit was on a private basis as I had an 8 week wait for NHS and my regular GP would not chase them up. I cant afford any further private care and have to wait for my Pain management appointment in 10 days time.
Many thanks in advance
by rhonda_tn, Oct 26, 2009
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