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multiple muscle pulls
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multiple muscle pulls

Background: Back injury, left upper buttock near SI joint area. First time injured by my dog tied to my belt loop on my pants and dog yanked me forward. I had pain since Dec. 2007 for 6 months with pain down my left thigh to knee. Physical therapy helped and the pain went away for 11/2 years.Second time September 2009, I was doing yoga.
Tests: MRI both times negative. Second time bone scan also negative.
Doctors: dx: musculoskeltal, not structural, dynamic, myofascial, PT's say torn ligament or SI joint.
Physical therpists 2010 #1 I got better and had no pain after 6 weeks but got hurt by bending. Went to PT#2, manual therpist did wrong leg and I had severe pain, Dec, 2010. I sat in  my chair for a month and got weak. I had a very tight leg thigh and calf.  I went to PT#3 also a manual therapist.I did well until he made me do a lunge, and pulled a muscle due to being weak from sitting. I continued to improve a bit until he did traction on that leg and pulled a muscle again. I was at home and I tore something in mid buttock near SI joint but more near middle. After that last tear I couldn't lift my foot and get into the shower or go outside for about two months, due to pain and I couldn't wash my privates and get my pants on because I'm too tight and can't cross the leg and it hurts. I know I sat too much and I guess stiffened up? i walked starting at 2 minutes every hour then finally got to 30 minutes in the morning and 10 in the afternoon and started stretching.I can get into the shower but I still cannot wash the privates well and so forth. I have pulled a muscle about every two weeks (once I start feeling better and getting stronger).
Questions, 1. I am afraid of another injury by another PT so how can I get out of this mess? Can I do this at home?
2. how much sitting should I do/day and how fast to increase getting up. 3. what type of doctor should I go to next?
4. how much exercise and what type?  
thank you,
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Hi Friend,
It look like, whatever help you go for, you end up in more complications.
Well please relax and re-analyze.
The best way would had been going for a Orthopaedician's opinion, before meeting a PT.
The doctor would had been in the best position, to guide you further.
Still now delay. Meet an orthopaedician and plan the future course of action.
I will not advise you presently as i have not examined you , and hence can't just guess presently.
Once your consultation is over, please discuss further.
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I didn't specify above but I did go to an orthopedic surgeon before physical therpay, and he said it was not structural it was "dynamic". He said to go to a pain doctor if I wanted to , to get a facet joint injection (cortisone block) or a SI joint injection (block). I went to the pain doctor and he said it was chronic myofascial. So, that is why I wrote. I don't know which it is.
I am not thinking of going to a physiatrist. My question is how to get out of being atrophied other than walking. I am sitting too much but don't want to overdo it. Any advice here?
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