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worsening chronic pain over 2 years, I think I've been misdiagnosed...
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worsening chronic pain over 2 years, I think I've been misdiagnosed

I have suffered chronic pain on the left side of my face and head for over 2 years. I've been diagnosed with cluster headaches. Currently I see a pain specialist that has me on methadone for pain. I have had several CT scans that show a cyst on my sphenoid bone. I was told that this type of cyst is not dangerous and doesn't cause pain. I wasn’t aware that an old trauma could possibly damage the sinuses. About 5 years passed and I started having worsening head pain, always on the left side of my head, behind my eye. I had a period of several sinus infections that were treated and I seemed OK. When I started having serious chronic pain, I couldn't find answers. I have seen an unbelievable amount of doctors and not one has mentioned a possible connection between the pain, and cyst before, I do remember saying it was way too painful to just be another sinus infection. I  couldn’t accept that I had a cyst in the exact same place of my pain and it was merely coincidence. Recently I was treated for a sinus infection and .I was given a ssmple nasal spray and a perscription for a Z-Pack. I couldn’t fill the antibiotic due to a possible interaction with my methadone, A new script was called in for amoxcicillin Now that I've finished my antibiotic I am not feeling relief. Is it possible I need something stronger for a longer period of time? After researching facial pain and sinus pain I saw a lot of information that connected all of my symptoms. I see my doc in about 2 weeks. How do I get my doctor to research sphenoid/sinus pain in possible relation to my bone cyst? Would you be able to recommend a specific study or article?  With what little information you have, do you think all of this pain could actually be sinus related? Is there something you can tell me about how to improve my Dr/Patient relationship. Help me avoid unnecessary surgery that may cause permanent damage   Sincerely, Wyoming Sufferer  
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Avatar dr f tn
Dear friend,
Sorry for replying late.
Sinusitis is the inflammation of the mucosal lining.
I can guide you on the basis of the history you wrote to me ,as i have no clue regarding the size and boundaries of the cyst in your case ,that is a very important point.
Definitly there is first option of medical tharapy,if doesnot succeed,you may have to go for surgery.
You can read on e-medicine (sinusitis /sphenoid cyst).

Avatar f tn
Have you seen a specialist about this?  I'm not sure what kind you would see for this, maybe an ear, nose and throat doctor.  And if the first round of amoxicillin didn't work, you may need something more.  The Z-pack is pretty strong and amoxicillin not so much.  I don't know much about these kinds of things, but I know my pcp uses stronger meds for sinus infections and bronchitis.

As far as improving your relationship with your doctor, do you feel like you don't have a good relationship?  That's so important.  I find being honest and open and talking a little about my life helps.  I've actually brought some of my kids to the pain clinic doctor before.  The doctor really liked it.  She was able to ask my kids some questions about me, what I can and can't do and how I am when I take my medicine.

Hoping you get some good answers to things soon.
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