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Insurance coverage for wound care?
Hi there,
I was diagnosed w peri neuropathy 3 yrs ago, cause still not known. I made a stupid mistake about 5 days ago and slept using an electric blanket. I just truly forgot they are a no- no. So, the next morning I have 2 spots about the size of a grapefruit, round, w a hard white silver dollar sized center. I thought it was some kind of weird rash and took pics to show rheumy on next visit.. A couple of days go by, the centers that were hard and white start oozing and cracking. The next day, I realize they are probably burns, start using neosporin several times a day w gauze dressing, finally I went to a after hours clinic thurs night as it hurt to put weight on it and was very hot to the touch. So, the wound gets debreded (sp) and burn ointment and gauged up, I get scripts for bactrim ultram burn cream and a worm
Nd care mesh like substance called oasis that I found out would be $ 2k even w my generally good insurance.. The doc at clinic is sending me a referral to a wound care physician in the am, but commented that insurance is very tricky w wound care. Anyone gone to a wound care specialist w blue cross blue shield.. Or know anything useful about healing wounds w neuropathy, this is my first. Thanks for your time, I can't really walk, have 2 kids and need to be mobile ASAP - thanks again
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