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How Much Fatique?
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How Much Fatique?

My husband is 60 years old and was diagnosised with cirrhosis of the liver about a year and a half ago...We have no idea what caused his cirrhosis...He recently quit his job, earlt retirement we call it...He just couldn't handle the work being tired all the time...He usually takes 4 or 5 naps a day...He constantly complains about leg and back pain...I have not noticed any leg swelling, nor have I noticed any jaundice yet...The doctors say he's in stage one but with him having so much fatique, it makes me wonder if he might be more advanced than stage one...It's hard not knowing much about this disease and what to expect in each stage...
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He needs to get help at a liver transplant clinic if he has cirrhosis. No other doctors can help him with his cirrhosis and find out what is causing his cirrhosis. He needs to get a full diagnosis of his liver disease ASAP. Liver disease only gets worse with time and can be fatal if not managed properly. The cause for his cirrhosis may be able to be treated or his liver disease slowed down. If he is unable to stop his cirrhosis he will need a liver transplant to continue living. This is very serious. That his doctor (what ever type of doctor they are) has not told him this and referred him to a transplant clinic is unforgivable. Either get a referral from them or call the transplant center yourself and set up appointment yourself. If you can get copies of your husband's records to bring to the first appointment that would help with the diagnosis.

They will perform a full evaluation of all of his health conditions and then diagnosis what is causing liver disease and if there is treatment they will help him choose the best treatment available.

When your husbands and low legs and abdomen start to fill with fluid his cirrhosis will be too advanced to reverse it and he will in time need a liver transplant. Please get him help soon as he will have more options now.

By the way...Fatigue is a universal symptom of cirrhosis. He may also be experiencing hepatic encephalopathy a complication of cirrhosis that affects the brain. It causes poor memory, confusion, sleeping a lot and also day-night reversal where the person will sleep in the day and be up all night long.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a transplant center closer but here are two of the best in the country....
Ochsner Clinic Foundation; New Orleans, LA
Transplant Hotline 1-800-643-1635
After transplantation, all patients are followed closely at Ochsner. We take pride in creating an environment that supports the needs of our patients and their families. Onsite lodging is available at the Brent House, our full service hotel. Affordable, apartment-style accommodations are also available for patients and their families who are far from home. Each apartment is furnished, has a full kitchen and is located within walking distance of the hospital. This type of long-term care is a collaborative effort between the Ochsner team and the referring physician.

The Ochsner Liver Transplant Team features a highly-experienced group of transplant surgeons, hepatologists, coordinators, social workers, medical sub-specialists, pediatric subspecialists and a variety of ancillary care providers specialized in the care and management of patients with complex hepatobiliary diseases. And Ochsner remains the only Medicare-approved liver transplant program in New Orleans and a Center of Excellence for many insurers.
UAMS Medical Center; Little Rock AR
Transplant Evaluation

During the evaluation phase, several tests will be performed. These tests include a blood test to determine your blood type and how well your organs are working, a urine test to determine how well your kidneys are functioning, and various other tests that will help determine how damaged your liver is and if there are any other physical problems with organs like your heart, kidneys, or lungs.

The following tests and procedures will also be done as part of the overall evaluation:

Chest X-ray
Electrocardiogram (EKG)
Echocardiogram (Echo)
CT scan
MRI/MRA scan
HIV test
Pulmonary Function Tests
Stress Tests
Upper and lower gastrointestinal scopes - EGD and colonoscopy
These tests are all necessary for the transplant team to decide whether liver transplantation is right for you.

In addition to the necessary tests and procedures, you will also meet with different members of the transplant team for consultations or evaluations, if necessary.

Transplant surgeon
Transplant nephrologist (for some liver patients)
Transplant hepatologist
Transplant social service evaluation (social worker)
Psychosocial evaluation
Dietary consultation
Transplant coordinator
Dental exam and clearance
Other specialist consultations, depending on your medical condition
Once your medical and consultant evaluations are completed, your transplant coordinator will present the findings to the transplant selection committee, who will either accept you as a transplant candidate or decide that you are not a transplant candidate.  You and your physician will be informed of the reasons if you are not accepted for an organ transplant.
4301 West Markham Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72205

All the best to you both.

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Thank you so much for all the info...We've been to a transplant Dr in Memphis and he told us it's too early to get on the list...We don't know any more after seeing him than we did before we went...They took blood tests but we never heard the results...They assume his cirrhosis was caused by fatty liver but that's not a sure thing either...Thanks again, you've been most helpful...
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