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US went from bad to worse?
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US went from bad to worse?

US from 6 months ago showed mild hetergeneous liver echogencity (also I had 1 complex cyst right lobe of liver (it did not grow larger) now it states 3 hepatic cysts:  

"Liver demonstrates hetergenous and coarsened echotexture which may respresent fatty change.  3 cysts are measured within the liver, 2 left lobe measuring 2.4 and 1.9 cm.  The 3rd cyst occurs in the rt lobe, measuring 2.1 cm.  There is no intra or extra-hepatic biliary ductal dilation.  The common bile duct is between 5 and 6 mm, normal.  The gallbladder is unremarkable.  There was no sonographic Murphys sign.  The pancreas was not well seen due to overlying bowel gas.  The right kidney has a lobulated contour and measures 10.1 cm in maximal length.  No ascites is seen in the right upper quandrant.  

IMPRESSION  3 hepatic cysts are demonstrated.  Probable fatty change of the liver".

Are cysts common?  Can a complex cyst turn into a simple cyst?  The right cyst was noted as complex on last report 6 months ago.  

Can US show cancer?  Nothing was noted on final report except the hepatic cysts and prob fatty chg liver.

Liver has changed ..comparing mild hetergeneous echogencity to hetergeneous coarsened echotexture?   UGH!!!

This is very concerning to me.  

Thanks all...Paula
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....also FINALLY my appt at Cleveland Clinix is wednesday.  took forever to get here.  

Laba on 3/6 were

wbc 6.2
rbc  4.8
platelets 124  L
amylase 43
lipase 201
PT  0.9
Protime 9.9
AST  49  H  S/B 8-34  *
ALT  61  H  S/B  10-49  *these w
ere noted that may be slightly elevated .. specimen slightly hemolyzed
BUN CREAT  22.4  H  10-22
BUN  15
creatinine  .67
albumin 4.2
globulin 3.7
a/g ratio 1.1
t bili .0.9
alk phos 84
iron 77
ldh 223
tibc 362

how does mildly diffuse (found on worksheet-diffuse) hetergeneous echogencity compare to coarsened hetergeneous echotecture?  Same hospital..2 diff techs.  The last tech seemd to take more time with the scan.

I'm hoping these are simple cysts...since I didnt find out the first cyst in rt lobe was complex until I checked the worksheet that came with the CD.  

Hello and hope you are doing well.

Cysts can get calcified and change their echotexture with time. The liver texture on imaging studies is usually homogenous ( uniform). A heterogeneous indicates mixed texture, which can occur due to fatty liver or fibrotic changes. The AST and ALT levels are raised. Considering the development of new cysts, the changes in texture and raised enzymes, your doctor may plan for a biopsy. A biopsy facilitates a histologic study of cells, which gives you a definite diagnosis. So once you have the diagnosis you will know what measures or precautions you need to follow. Good Luck.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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