Can strep throat be healed without antibiotics?
by baba62, Jun 09, 2008

My doctor has taken a throat swab the result of which is to come back in 2 days. He has told me he's suspected strep throat and has prescribed 10 days of antibiotics. However, since then, the boil-like red spots on my throat, or rather, palette, have become much nicer and my sore throat has disappeared. I also have no fever (neither did I have at the onset of the "boils"). My question is if
1. if the test result shows strep throat but I have no symptoms and no sore throat any longer, do I still need to take the antibiotics?
2. if the test result shows something viral or bacterial or fungal (but as I say, the red dots have almost completely disappeared), do I still need to take the antibiotics?
Can such an infection get healed in any other way?
Please help.
Thank you.
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by Es536, Jun 28, 2008
Hey.. I have gotten strep several times.. the worse time I was in bed for a week. I took the full 10 day antibiotic but now when I feel it coming on I usually Run for the Herbal remedies. There is a kind of Tincture that is called Usnea, it is meant to help with strep throat but I can't say it CURES it. I have never tried it when I knew I had strep, I just take it when I feel like I am getting it again. It might be a good thing to just take the Doc's advice if you have strep very bad. It can become a very serious condition and if it is very advanced it can cause heart problems. Sorry, Hope this helped a little.
by Es536, Jun 28, 2008

Here is a link with some herbal remedies for strep.. The Echinacea  is very effective.. if you can get it down. The pure echinacea tincture is very bitter but it helps a lot for many different things. Hope this helps a little?
by kimmermer, Jun 29, 2008
Even if you feel better you need to finish the whole coarse of antibiotics, because there could still me a minimal amount of bacteria left lingering around. Also, make sure that you are getting some extra yeast in your diet, as antibiotics get rid of the good yeast in your body, and you can get an infection of yeast in your mouth or your nether regions. Add some plain yogurt to your diet, yogurt with sugars and additives won't work that well. Good luck!
by Jimtee, Jul 31, 2008
I thought I had strep throat and it was very painful just to swallow.  A pharmisist told me that gargling with warm salt water is next best to an antibiotic so I tried it but it seemed to take forever to do any good.  Later she told me that adding a little vinigar to the solution may help as it is a mild antibiotic.  It seemed to have cured the sore throat.  But I still have not been told by any doctor that an antibiotic is not neccessary for strep throat.  They all seem to think there is no other cure.  I tend to trust my doctor.

by livingcrunchy, Feb 29, 2012
You can treat strep using homeopathy. Read about how here.
by Emily_MHModerator, Feb 11, 2014
Hi everyone -

We recommend that you take antibiotics for strep, as untreated strep can result in some serious complications. If you choose not to, please keep an eye on any symptoms and an open line of communication with your doctor.