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So, a few weeks back I got sick and the symptoms turned into what I believe were flu symptoms.  I wasn't too worried and just let it be, got better after a couple weeks.  But, after maybe 2 days of feeling better I all of the sudden developed this horrible cough (dry) and an extremely tight chest.  I mean horrible, I've had asthma my entire life and I consider this bad.  It is the kind of cough that makes you want to puke.  Anyway, this was accompanied by a fever ranging from 99-102, usually the low end was after taking some tylenol or ibuprofein, and extreme hot and cold flashes (well extreme for me).  At times I'd be shaking and freezing under a few comforters and a temp of about 80 in my apartment.  At other times, mainly night, I would sweat like crazy, usually waking up soaked.  I have also been extremely fatigued and weak feeling, and have also have had some extreme headaches, although I think the headaches are probably from the violence of my cough.  One more thing is that I've felt very light headed.

Ok, so those are the symptoms, and here is the problem I'm having.  I felt this definitely warranted seeing a doctor for, and my mom begged me to go in after talking to me on the phone for a few minutes (my mom is a RN).  So, today I decided to go to a walk-in.  It was my first time at this clinic because I just recently moved to the area I am living.  After almost a 2 hour wait I was brought in, sat in a room for another 45 mins or so (I know not really relevant, just a lil whining).  Now, seeing as this was my first time in the clinic I would've expected to have to fill out some paper work, medical history etc.  But I didn't, hopefully it was just because they were connected to my last clinic or something.  So anyway, after my blood pressure and temperature (no fever at that time) being taken a PA came in.  All he did was ask me a few questions about my symptoms and listen to my breathing.  It was about 5 minutes long and he diagnosed me with nothing more than a cold.  I could not believe this!  I've had the cold many times in the past, and while it has always affected me a little more than average due to my asthma it has never been anything like this.

Now, I'm not usually one to question a doctor or physicians assistant, but every time in the past I've gone in for a sickness such as this I've had tests done, such as blood tests or a chest x-ray.  And, the last time I had symptoms similar to this, but more severe, was when I had pneumonia.  So, basically what I want to know is:  does this pa sound right?  Should I be upset that all he did was listen to me breathe?  And, should I go in for a second opinion  when I go back home later this week from my old doctor?

Also, don't know if this is relevant, but I figure I'll list some meds I've been taking during this.

-Amoxocillan(sp?) for acne issues (could help fight off pneumonia if thats what it is??)
-OTC expectorant/cough suppressant
-Acetaminophine or ibuprofein
-Albuterol, for asthma.  This has seemed to loosen my chest a little when I take it.  I don't know if that matters, just remember last time I had pneumonia at first I thought it was asthma acting up and I remember the albuterol did nothing for me.
-Cough syrup with expectorant and codeine in it (prescribed by PA I saw today)
- Tazorac: Skin cream for acne.

Well, hopefully I included enough to give you guys a good idea of whats going on here without going overboard.  I appreciate any help I can get.  These types of forums are great!

Thanks much,

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Avatar f tn
Hope you are at long last feeling better.  Maybe I have the same thing.
Antibiotics don't work.  My chest is burning and I am very congested,
in my nose as well.  Is there anything for this I wonder.  Had X-rays
about two months ago and all that showed was mucus in the lungs but
I am on fire still.  What is going on?  Did you get something that worked?
Hope so,  let me know please.  I am very very upset about the length
of time I have been sick -- since Feb.
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