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Constantly sick for 9 months straight! HELP!!
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Constantly sick for 9 months straight! HELP!!

I have been constantly sick for about 9 months straight.
I'll have a few days in between sicknesses, but that's it... then it's back to being sick.
This has been going on since about September of 07.

The sicknesses vary.
I'd say at least once every month and a half I get fevers.
In between that it's cold like symptoms.
Horrible sore throats, hard to breathe, headaches, ear aches, COUGHING, sneezing, sometimes vomiting, feeling constantly weak, occasionally diarrhea or alternatively constipation and etc.
I am LITERALLY sick for about 20 days out of EVERY... EVERY single month.

On top of this, I also have POTS heart condition
And asthma.
I take the generic for proamitine, midodrine for this.
I am also on Valtrex but that's fairly unrelated.

It's so frustrating at this point that I just want to cry.
I feel like I'm about to die every day and I can't even go out and do things in the world anymore.
I don't know what to do.
And I don't know where to start.

If anyone has any suggestions, please PLEASE let me know.
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I'm so sorry.  I was sick once for about 11 months. I just kept catching everything that came along.  I was in an emotionally bad place and wasn't really taking care of myself.  How is your mental condition?  I eventually got therapy and they helped motivate and teach me how to nurture myself back to health. Without therapy I wouldn't have been able to live the healthy lifestyle I needed to get my immune system functioning again.  Oddly the sickness started when I was living healthily, but I experienced a heartbreak, got sick and got sucked into a depression that trashed not only my mental health, but my physical health and lifestyle choices as well.
Also, not to be scary but you probably should get an HIV test and just a general physical and blood tests.
hi Cloven-

I am in rather the same predicament as yourself. I have been getting sick every 2-3 weeks for the past 8 months. This isn't normal for me. Last year,  I hadn't been ill,  even once.
The last cold I caught was  a real bad one, after about 15 days of suffering from it, just got over it, and now my throat hurts again, and I feel new symptoms occurring. I have mentioned this to my doctor, but he didn't say anything. I seem healthy in all other regards. My bloodwork always comes out fine.  I do have allergies.  but I am taking shots.   but I have had them all my life, and have never been sick so much.

I am very frustrated.  

I read on another site it could be something related to bacterial stuck in your sinuses. I am going to ask my doctor to refer me to an ENT.
Good Luck.

Please tell me your progress.

I had cold like symptoms, low appetite, tired, achy, and recurrent fever of 100-103 F. I felt like rubbish for almost six months before I ended up in the ER--with a diagnosis. Turns out I had Mononucleosis. Supplements, six weeks of bed rest, and meal replacement shakes (in addition to small meals) got me though it. It can be determined through a simple blood test. I'd suggest you get tested, after all it can't hurt! Hope you all feel better soon!

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