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Windows open or closed?

During my entire childhood my parents insisted I sleep with a slightly opened window and a turned off heater, no matter the outside air temperature that night.
Whether it was +10 or -10 degrees celcius in the winter, my window was open and my heater turned off.
I personally have not had any big problems with colds and/or allergies, but I don't like to go on my own experience as each person's experience is different.

Now I'm married and my wife insists that at night the window is shut and the heater turned on, not only in our bedroom but also in our children's bedrooms.
My daughters always seem to have trouble with coughing throughout the night and I need to clean the windows regularly to keep mold from reappearing.
Also during the day my children seem to be picking up a cold easier.
So my question is this:

Is it healthier to sleep with the windows open (heater off) or with the windows closed? (heater on).
I realize a lot of people have their own opinions on this question and I found a lot of those all over the internet, but I'd love to hear from real healthcare professionals and please could you include whether your answer is based upon personal experience or actual testing and/or proof?
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