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E. coli in urine
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E. coli in urine

I'm 33 years old, and I would like to became pregnant, I'm writing in this forum because I have urinary problem cosed by bacteria E. coli.
I have an history with this boring and long curing bacteria since 2005, than first time in my life I had very big attack in my right kidney. I did kidney U/S than and I found out that I had 1 rock with dimension 1.5mm and calculus -sand, I needed to make urine tests in microbiology and I found out that I have E.coli with value of 1.000.000 and I needed to take antibiotics. So I had drink antibiotics for 6 months with 10 days break per month cause I needed to make urine test. I change my Doc and my new urologist was very upset when he sow that I have drink so many different antibiotics for a long time and he decided to take urine with catheter from my bladder. I didn't have E. coli in there. It was very strange though when I took my urine in disinfected cup from pharmacy I had this bacteria. So he told me that I don't have E. coli but I should drink more fluids, and to not take antibiotics anymore. I was checking again and again my urine with disinfected cup and with catheter and I was clean for 1year and half.
A week ago I went to do kidney U/S control and took my urine for testing in disinfected cup. My kidneys are very good thanks to Lord. I got my urine results & I have again Escherichia Coli again after 1 year and a half being clean.:(( The good side is that the values are  50.000 - this are the smallest value in my history of E. coli usually I had 1.000000. I don't want antibiotics, what should I do?
I don't want to take antibiotics anymore!!! because recently I did HSG (a month ago because my sedimentation was very high I needed to take antibiotics) and I really want my body to be healthy and clean from antibiotics because I want to be clan and I wish God to bless me and my DH with a child.  
Has anyone found it self in this position? If yes please give me your opinion.
Thank U very much, God Bless U all, LinaG
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- Ratnakar Kini M.D.

Thank U very very much for your directions Doc.
God Bless U, Happy holidays
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