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Stomach Problem

Dear Doctor ,

I am from Mumbai , India . I have been suffering from IBS for last 12 yrs . Recently I have started travelling to Internation places like : Kazakisthan , Singapore , Kualalampur .

I was fine till 29th Dec ' 07 and used to take Isabgul(Plantago ovata Forak) . However on 30th Dec evening in Office I felt a Medim Stomach Cramp and rushed to defect . First one was Solid / Semi Solid and the Second One was Clear Loose but the pain or Cramp was gone .

Next Episode on 13th Jan '08 . Early morning around 8 am Same episode happned .

In both the cases No Blood was visible

No medicines taken

Went to Kualalampur on 16th Night

17th Night I had a urge to defect but without any cramping . This Time First was Semi Solid and there was a drop of fresh blood and second one is watery .

I then took 2 Caps of Cifran CT for 4 Days

Returned to India and went for a Check up

The doctor prescribed me : Nitarid 500 for 3 days (Twice / Day)
                                        Econorm (2 sacts / day for 6 days)

On Follow Up I am advised to have Entaropan Caps 2 / day for 10 days

Currently I am Fine .

But though the Start day and till now I am very tensed and though my Doc is saying nothing Major but still do u think that this could be Ulcerative Colitis .

I did not have Fever / Joit Aches etc .

However since I am in IT Profesion I do suffer from Cervical Loss of Lordosys and I am always underweight .

Please advice .
Hi babi1109,
Almost all of the symptoms except bleeding  points towards IBS only.

Bleeding usually donot occur in IBS.

Since you say it is a drop of fresh blood, there are possibilities that you might be having hemorrhoids ( piles).

A proctoscopy will help in diagnosing hemorrhoids.

But for ruling out UC, you need to undergo a complete colonoscopy.

Discuss with your gastro regarding this.
The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem.

- Ratnakar Kini M.D.
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