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sudden loss of appetite and constant bowel movements
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sudden loss of appetite and constant bowel movements

I'm having NON stop gastro issues for the past 6 weeks.  Strange bowel movemnts.  Constant rumbling in stomach feels like upper left abdomen.  Waking in middle of night with gas and bowel movements.  Complete loss of appetite energy and patience.  

I've had upper and lower endcospy (both completely normal) esophagal barium x ray.  Blood work, 2 ct scans one with dye and one with barium and dye.  All test "normal."  I'm worried it's my pancreas but my doctor guaranteed me that if I had a tumor it would have showed up on ct scans.  Any thoughts?  He says it's me stressing myself out over this.  I'm 40 and it's certainly consuming my life currently.

I struggle to eat.  Things I used to love, I'm forcing myself to do????   Help.

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Hi ricktrent,
I would like to know the following details before I can give my opinion -

1. Whether the stools are of large volume or small volume
2. Any blood or mucus in the stools?
3. Any weight loss?
4. Whether you are on any medications?
5. Are you a diabetic?
6. Whether stool examination has been done to rule out gut infections?
7.Whether small bowel biopsy has been done?
The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem.

- Ratnakar Kini M.D.
Small Volume, No blood.  Occaisional mucas.  Significant weight loss 15 lbs in a month.  I'm currently on Paxil and klonopin.  Not diabetic.  Yes stool examination.  Had biopsy of duodendum and small bowel x barium follow through.

All NEgative.  Ct Scan 2 times.  All negative.  one with dye one with barium and dye.
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