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white mucus on stool, gas bubbles in stomach and burning sensation in l...
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white mucus on stool, gas bubbles in stomach and burning sensation in lower abdomen

I am a 22 year old female. I have a history of fainting and i have been told that I have anemia and a trait of sickle cell.(don't know if this is relevant to my problem). I have a very poor diet (not eating on time or foods rich in much of anything) and I am extremely slim.

About two-three weeks ago I noticed that white mucus have been attached to my stool. I became concerned because I somehow thought that something is wrong with my stomach/abdominal region.

Approximately one year and a few months ago I have been having a sharp pain in the center of my stomach from my belly button go straight down to my vaginal area. It felt like a sharp knife cutting. At these moments I could not move and the longest it lasted was approximately 45 mins (intervals).

Recently as well, I noticed that when I didn't eat on time, huge gas bubbles about the size of 1/4 my palm (I could feel them in my stomach) would emerge and when I pressed them I felt them bursting.

Before this, about five or six years ago I had an acidic kind of pain in the lower left pelvic? area (next to my vaginal area). I stopped drinking acidic drinks and it did not give me as much problems as before. Recently, however, it has reemerged (i do not drink acidic drinks anymore) and sometimes I feel something like a ball when I press on it; other times I feel nothing. It hurts when it occurs.

I went by a few GPs and even did an surface ultrasound (they could not do the one where you insert the object within the vagina because I am a virgin) and they could not find anything. I think something is wrong but don't know what it is. Am I going by the wrong doctors or should I be doing specific tests instead of general ones?
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Hi trinig,
The 'bubble' you are mentioning needs proper evaluation. It could be an obstruction inside. But this is associated with vomiting. I would suggest that you undergo an upper GI endoscopy for evaluation of this problem.

Regarding the pain you have mentioned, an urine and stool examination might he helpful.
The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem.

- Ratnakar Kini M.D.

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