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Hello I am a 30 year old female with no kids.  I’m very embarrassed and I hope I don’t have cancer.
I have suffered with constipation my whole life.  I never ate much fiber.  About 3 years ago, I remember having an extremely large stool that would not pass. I strained badly to get it out.  It caused extreme pain for days. I bled badly from it and bright red blood was in the toilet. I was scared and went to the doctor.  He said it was hemorrhoids without examining me.  He prescribed that I eat fiber.  After that I changed me eating patterns and ate fiber. The symptoms went away for months.  I only notice the blood after constipation, which was rare after I changed my eating habits.
Then last year I had the same problem again after falling off my fiber diet.  It felt like I ripped my anus, and I saw lots of blood. The doctor did a rectal exam 1 year ago and she stuck her fingers in my rectum. She said they were hemorrhoids and to take a stool softener and to apply the prescription steroid hemorrhoids medicine.  I did that and I was fine again.  
So this week, I suffered from constipation after eating improperly for about a week. The stool was hard and painful to get out.  There was blood in the toilet. My anus feels ripped when I push the stool out.  I often feel a fleshy lump on my rectum after straining, but it goes away a day later.
I rarely have stomach aches or pains. Its just really hard to past stool when im not eating fell. Then the blood comes. Then my anus hurts for a day or 2. It doesn’t itch much or cause stomach pain. The blood is always on one side of the stool.
I do not have insurance, and cannot afford a colonostrophy (sp?)
I have been diagnosed with a high risk strand of vaginal HPV, but I have a normal pap smear result each year.  I also have been diagnosed with hemorrhoids.

What should I do? Does it sound like cancer?
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From your comments surely the obvious remedy is never to allow fibre to be eliminated from your diet - and also drink at least two litres of water every day.

For a rich fibre diet I suggest:-

- pulverised fresh fruit to which organic bran has been added
- pulverised fresh vegetables to which organic bran has been added
- include organic bran in yoghurt
- home made muesli (soak oats + bran in milk and add grated nuts and fresh fruit + lemon juice)
- no junk food, white bread, colas etc etc

Good luck
Reccomend to add a little olive oil in your diet. its natural and will help you digest.
I am not MD, however dont despair and train your brain negative otherwise you end up with more problems.
No diagnosis can be made over the internet.  I'm not a doctor but
the straining that you do may be causing one of your hemorrhoids to bleed
when you go to the bathroom.  It's possible to have larger hemorrhoids on one side the on the other.  The larger ones are usually the ones that bleed. Stay on your fiber diet and see if your problem clears up.
There is an herbal tea called "Smooth Move" which is a stool softener and provides exactly what it's name says.  You just need one cup to help with constipation.  Keep your doctor in the loop and go back and see him to put your mind at rest.    
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