Colonoscopy prep - can't drink the trilyte, help
by kidsnchicks, Jan 10, 2011
I am scheduled for a colonoscopy tomorrow.  I have been doing the prep today.  I took the intial four pills to jumpstart my system then four hours later I started the trilyte.  My problem is this, I was supposed to drink it between 12:00 and 4:00 and it is now 9:30 and I still have not finished it.  DO I HAVE TO???  I am not passing anything solid but I am not clear.  Will it be a failed procedure if I do not accomplish this?  What are the risks?  My head is hurting and I am a little nauseas.  TIA!
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by mammo, Jan 11, 2011
Call your GI doc, if you aren't totally cleaned out he can't do the test.  You don't want to get there and have the test started only for them to have to stop or say "we couldn't get a clear view."  Your GI may have a suggestion, or feel he can go on, but you need to speak to him ASAP so that you can maybe still have the test. Don't stress yourself out over this, relax and see what he has to say.  Good luck and take care.
by kidsnchicks, Jan 12, 2011
Well, its all over with.  I was able to drink about two thirds of the trilyte then I got sick.  My stools were not completely clear but I could see through them and the  doc said it was ok - PRAISE GOD!  I did not want to go through that again.  The colonoscopy revealed nothing and I am happy with that.  I was anemic and have been placed on a twice daily iron supplement in hopes that will help with my cronic constipation.  Thanks for the help!
by mammo, Jan 13, 2011
Great news!!!!!!
by kidsnchicks, Jan 16, 2011
by GeezLouize75, Feb 17, 2011
That is good news.  I had to drink the Whold Gallon of that stuff.  I almost got sick too.  But - the doc said I was completely clear.  He found 3 flat polyps that could have turned into cancer so I was glad I was clear.