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Dangerous heartburn may leave lingering effects
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Dangerous heartburn may leave lingering effects

Dangerous heartburn may leave lingering effects

If you're taking medication to relieve acid reflux, you might be getting something a whole lot worse in the bargain.

The FDA is forcing makers of metoclopramide, which is widely known as Reglan, to include a black box warning with the drug because it has been linked to muscle spasms. Not sometimes or rarely, but a shockingly high percentage of the time.

The study showed that the longer you take the drug, the higher your risk of developing these symptoms. And based on information gathered by the FDA, 20 percent of the patients on Reglan who develop this side effect take it for at least three months. Other recent studies suggest that metoclopramide is the leading cause of pharmaceutical-related movement disorders.

And that's not even the worst news of all. No, the worst news is that once you get dyskinesia, it's an unwanted gift that keeps on giving. Even if you stop taking the drug, the spasms will usually stay with you. Those spasms include uncontrollable movements of the limbs, face, and tongue.

If you're one of the 2 million Americans taking any form of this medication, talk to your doctor as soon as you can to find out if you can do without it. Stomach acid conditions are often overmedicated to begin with – in part because people want quick relief from something that can be incredibly uncomfortable.

Many times, that leads to medications that relieve symptoms without touching the underlying cause.

But as it turns out, a high percentage of stomach acid conditions aren't caused by too much acid, but too little. An overproduction of stomach acid is actually quite unusual. So these drugs that keep your stomach from producing a healthy amount of acid are actually hurting you.

If you'd like to stop taking all those medications and live better and healthier at the same time, there's a book I'd like to recommend that many of my friends have found life- changing. It's called, Why Stomach Acid Is Good for You.

You may be used to thinking of stomach acid as your natural enemy, but once you read this book you'll realize how important it is not just to your digestion, but overall health. And then instead of trying to neutralize or eliminate those acids, you'll learn how to keep them functioning properly and in synch with the rest of your body.

Not only is it a great book, but it's cheaper than a box of many popular heartburn medications. And once you read it, you might be able to do away with those drugs for good.
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