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Irritated Penis head and Tip/ affecting life please help!
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Irritated Penis head and Tip/ affecting life please help!

Ok so me and my girlfriend were messing around she put body lotion on me while giving me a HJ, later it turned into sex. Both of us never thought about the lotion, I did not experience any discomfort or irritation that night. I went home took a shower and i noticed the frist pain i guess you should say, i just thought i got hot water inside the penis didnt think anything of it. Went to bed..

Woke up next morning and realized my underwear hurt the tip, i tried boxers instead, no avail, i mean felt like sandpaper, so i decided to rest it and stayed home all day. Seemed to get a tad better, so i went out that night but still irritated. After a week with no relief i went to the Dr. He told me to rest it. After a week of taping it up because of excruciating pain to even walk 24/7 i went back. All tests are negative but he wants me to try fungal cream.

Im on the 2nd day of that and still no relief, i am going insane, its affecting my life, and work. I literally get no relief 24/7 every movement is discomforting and painful.

irritated head, tip is ultrasensative
tip is read, lips seem swollen slightly
random urination burns slightly first pee of the day is the worst
sometimes deep red/purple color over head
hurts to touch the head
burning sensation in the tip even while just sitting around.

hydrocortizone-very minor relief
lamasil- now trying for the hell of it DR recommendation
I wrap it up in tissue paper every day just to walk. Tried a few days without but too painful and no signs of improving

please please please help me!!!!! who do i need to go see i am desperate at this point i just want my life back i am miserable 24/7
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Is the doctor that  you went to a Urologist? If it was and you're still with this problem then try a Dermatologist! Have you told the doctor what brand of body lotion you used and I would bring the lotion to the Dr. so he/she can see the ingredients.
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