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Multiple Myeloma .Please Help
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Multiple Myeloma .Please Help

Would anybody have any experience with Complementary /Alternative medicine
for Multiple Myeloma?
Unfortunately  the medical system offers no cure. Only chemo for some life extension.
Any success with out of the country treatments?
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Alternative method - Pranayam will help to make your systems healthy and in turn build up the immune system, without side effects.When the liver and kidneys improve their function, more healthy blood cells will be produced.Each blood cell is energised and carries extra oxygen throughout the body, when you do pranayam regularly.
What needs to be done daily
Bhastrika  5 minutes daily
Kapalbhati 30 minutes twice a day
anulom vilom 30 minutes twice a day
Ujjayi  21 times daily
Mandukasan 21 times daily
Report and monitor the patient's blood test results, regularly and note the gradual improvements. First improvement should be visible in 3 months.
The small print:
The patient needs to be determined and follow the pranayam daily consistently.
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Injection with killed bacterial vaccines will sometimes induce remission.

Select from the PDR and get a different vaccine every four days. Continue through ten vacinations. You have to fib and tell them you are going to travel abroad, which is why you require the vaccines.

Every day get skin exposure to sunlight for an hour.

The technique is called "Coley therapy" and was developed by Dr. Coley, who founded Sloan Kettering. The killed bacterial vaccines cause production of tumor necrosis factor.

Scientific American did several articles on the treatment.

Do a google search.
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