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Scientists Discover Trigger for Autoimmune Diseases
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Scientists Discover Trigger for Autoimmune Diseases

Scientists Discover Trigger for Autoimmune Diseases
Self-attacking, dormant cells switch 'on' in those with lupus, rheumatoid arthritis

(HealthDay News) -- Healthy adults have potential autoimmune disease-causing cells, but these cells stay in an "off" state, a U.S. study shows.

Immune cells that attack the body cause autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Whether the switched-off cells in healthy adults are true precursors of the self-attacking immune cells and, if so, what prevents them from causing disease in certain people, isn't known, the researchers said.

J. Andrew Duty, of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, and colleagues found that anergic (dormant) autoimmune disease-causing cells account for 2.5 percent of immune B-cells circulating in the blood of healthy adults.

These anergic cells don't appear to cause problems in healthy adults, but did produce self-reactive antibodies when exposed to a strong stimulus in lab experiments. This means these anergic cells may contain the precursors for the self-attacking B-cells in patients with autoimmune disease, the researchers said.

In previously healthy people, anergy may somehow break down and allow self-attacking B-cells to cause autoimmune disease.

The study was published in the Dec. 22 online issue of The Journal of Experimental Medicine.

More information

The U.S. National Women's Health Information Center has more about autoimmune diseases.
-- Robert Preidt

SOURCE: Rockefeller University Press, news release, Dec. 22, 2008
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Hi deepdiver,

I posted this in several communities (lupus, autoimmune and fibro/CFS) several days ago. Here are my thoughts on autoimmune diseases and these autoimmune syndromes:

My trigger was the Epstein Barr Virus. IMO... CFS and fibro patients have the same thing. We have something that triggers our immune system and that leads to immune dysfunction and eventually... autoimmune problems. I'm sad that this article and research does not mention the infection aspect of these diseases. Check out the role infections play in these "syndromes" and autoimmune conditions:

Scientists Discover Trigger for Autoimmune Diseases
Self-attacking, dormant cells switch 'on' in those with lupus, rheumatoid arthritis

-- Robert Preidt
Plateletgal....My trigger for Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroid was Epstein-Barr. You are absolutley right. The New England Journal of Medicine I think is where they did a study proving that Epstein-Barr, and other viruses, bacteria and pathogens can trigger an autoimmune disease. And unfortunately once you have one you are open to others. That is why it is so critical for us all to learn how to support and build the immune system.
I think it was Lymes that triggered the Epstein Barr to come out of dormancy....I had mono when I was a little girl. Every woman in my family has had epstein-barr activated, including my 12 yr old daughter this past spring. (That is a whole other story :)) )
I think all causes of autoimmune, CF, Fibro, cancers, etc are caused by pathogens...which as you know is virus or bacteria, parasite etc.
I only wish they would do more studies with these things.

Hey laura,

It's great to see you posting in this forum ! EBV is nasty and it is a well known fact that it can cause and does sometimes cause cancer and other illnesses.

You are right about pathogens. I am getting well on treatment for various pathogens and I would highly recommend it to many people. There are antibiotics and also natural formulas you can use.... it is a very long process, but it is working for me.

And I'm happy that you mention parasites. Although vets always check for parasites in our pets, most labs don't do parasite testing for humans. Why is that ? (things that make me go "hmmmm") Also, the mycoplasma that CFS patients have... standard labs can't check for.

Politics as usual I guess. (insert two thumbs down here)
I have done both antibiotics and many many natural antibiotic forms. I have doing naturopathic and even chinese medicine and acupuncture for a long time. I have done some very intense parasite cleanses too! Yikes would you enjoy those stories! lol
Unfortunately my body kept getting weaker in some ways because of the thyroid hashi issue. I was also undertreated for a couple of yrs too so my body just got sicker.
Yes it is politics as usual....stupid!
For example:
Most doctors here in florida will not acknowledge there is lymes here, but the veterinarians run a lyme titer with every heartworm test....go figure! There are limited Lyme specialists in the US, but we have one that resides here in Naples FL area...duh...he is here for a reason! :)
It is very disheartening that drs do not test for parasites....they could stop a lot of dibilitating diseases including cancer. My thoughts anyway.
My chinese acupuncurist and naturopath all test for these things....muscle resistant testing. I have never offered info to what is wrong, I always wait to see if they find these things to prove they are legit.
EBV is very nasty and leads to many many illnesses.....biggest thing is to learn how to iradicate those buggers.  I have a zapper even that I have yet to try....I hate herxing! I am waiting until my thyroid and immune system are a little stronger so they can handle filtering the junk out.
Unfortunately everything Natural does take a long time and patience....most people are too fixed on a quick fix.
this is interesting... i've had ulcerative colitis since 2001 (pretty sure that's an auto-immune disease as well).  everyone always asks what causes it and i reply: no one really knows; could be stress, genetic, diet... etc....
there's no conclusive answer.  Back in college i had a brief episode of mono and i guess still must have the epstein bar virus inside of me somewhere...  i never put the 2 things together.  Thank you for the insight.  

i haven't checked out the links above yet, but will to find out more.  thanks for sharing...
Gosh guys this is an interesting thread, I have nothing to add except I am so interested in the theories here, can you keep it going.!It has given me food for thought .
This is so interesting and new to me. I had mono when I was 17 and that is what probably caused the Hashi's. I would have never linked the two.

And thanks for the links.
So can a trauma or an infection affect the immune system and actually cause the body to become sick (putting it simply )  and was traumatised, possible PTSD and   start to get , things like Hives and allergies and stomach problems,panic ..that I never had before, was the original cause the Trauma I had,.also Adrenal Fatigue ..and can you learned folks tell me how you get parasites would be be from a garden or animals,I was interested in the anti biotic theory can you also let me know a supplement to get eqivelant to a prescribed anti biotic.Sorry for all these questions and garble you have set off a light bulb in my head, Thank you Deep for the original information, great stuff as always .
Diabetes,Atherosclerosis,Stroke,Heart attack,Heart failure,Neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases Cancer Various organ failures

Vit.B1 Vit.B6, Flavonoids, Carotenoids, Zinc, Magnesium

Curcumin, Quercetin, Hesperidin, White and green tea (white is better)
Grapeseed extract, Aged garlic extract, Vit.E, Selenium, Beta-1,3/1,6-glucan
Vit.C (as buffered vitamin C)

Store all fresh meats in the freezer for 24 hours. This will kill any parasites. (Although presence of parasites is very rare in U.S. meat, it can happen.)

my ophthalmologist about a few years ago went swimming in a lake and a parasite infected him for about 1 year he was blind and on eye drops his sight came back
So one can get the parasites from water and red meat, well I dont eat red meat but I may swim a pool or a lake  if theres one handy,what about the natural anti biotics Laura mentions .
Stimulate Your
Immune System
Your immune system can get a great
boost from these nutrients:
• Beta-1,3/1,6-glucan — Beta-1,3/1,6-
glucan is a stimulant that enhances
cellular immunity, the form of immunity
most damaged during aging. It is also
the form of immunity that is most
effective in killing and suppressing
chronic infections. A recent study
showed that beta-glucan reduces the
release of destructive TNF-a from brain
microglia.  a brand
called Life Source Basics Immune
System Support (www.lifesourcebasics.
com.) There is a chewable formula for
children as well
• Vitamin C (buffered) — 1,000
milligrams twice a day on an empty
stomach. Ascorbate has been shown
to suppress and kill a large number of
viruses. Ascorbic acid (the acidic form
of vitamin C) can have an opposite
effect. That is, it can activate latent
HSVs causing an outbreak of mouth
ulcers and fever blisters
• Selenium — 100 micrograms (mcg)
a day
• Zinc — 15 milligrams a day
• N-acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) — 500
milligrams to 750 milligrams a day
• Curcumin — 250 milligrams three
times a day with meals, mixed with
extra virgin olive oil
• Quercetin —500 milligrams, mix with
extra-virgin olive oil
• Ellagic acid —500 milligrams twice
a day
• Vitamin D-3 — 2,000 international
units to 5,000 international units a day
• Multivitamin/mineral
• Magnesium citrate/malate —
Choose a slow-release form  or choose the kind
in capsules
• Silymarin — 200 milligrams twice daily
• Resveratrol — one a day with the
largest meal of the day
THank you Deep I am off to Sprouts today, oh boy am I going to rattle I hope they do them in a multi .I think Sellenium sounds important here I already take vit c since I read Dr Paulings account of it many years ago.
The treatment that I'm on focuses on treating my underlying infections (mycoplasma and even viral) and I also take a lot of supplements to boost my immune system to help fight this infection.

I am currently on Dr. David A. Jernigan's protocol. Dr. Jernigan has natural herbal-homeopathic formulas that are relatively inexpensive that target viruses and bacterias... including mycoplasma infections.

I believe this is why I have a positive ANA titer now (after years of having undiagnosed CFS):

"When mycoplasmas exit certain cells, such as synovial cells, nerve cells, among others that can be infected, they can stimulate autoimmune response. Our recently published studies demonstrated a possible link between mycoplasmal infections and CFS and FMS, since we found high frequencies of mycoplasmal infections in these patients."

~ Prof. Garth Nicolson (The Institute for Molecular Medicine)
The natural antibiotics that I have done for Lymes and EBV are: Peruvian Cats Claw, Oreganol Oil, high dosages of Ester C, Grapefruit seed extract and Paw Paw for tumor activity. Of course I only used pharmaceutical grade products for Cats Claw and Paw Paw.....and only certain brands for oreganol oil.

Plateletgal- Thanks for posting that information. His products do look promising. How long have you been at it now?
Thanks for the information I have noted natural antibiotics, , I took the Selineum that is recommended but had a more disturbed night than usual and woke in the night sweating so maybe the Selenium isnt right for me.
Ultimate Nutrition® Zinc (30 mg zinc [from zinc citrate and zinc sulphate] per tablet)
Not approved contained 1.98 mcg of lead per daily serving.
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