Gum and tooth pain four weeks after filling and cleaning
by AllenG73, Mar 16, 2009
I had a filling (second molar) and cleaning with a water pick four weeks ago.  The dentist said that the filling was really deep and if there is discomfort, I was to come back in and we would discuss a root canal or extraction.  The water pick cleaning hurt quite a bit and at least once vibrated my jaw so much my ear rang.

My gum around that tooth has been sore for the entire time and I can get it to bleed by shifting my jaw (such as a yawn), not to mention how much it bleeds when I floss and brush.  The tooth has begun to experience discomfort (minimal in the morning and worse as the day goes on; it is especially bad while and after I eat) over the past three weeks.  I went to the dentist on Friday, she took an x-ray and once again stated the filling was deep.  When I discussed the problem, she said it was normal and I needed another cleaning.  I know it is not normal.  What could it be and what do I need to do to get the dentist to listen.
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by Sam DelfinoBlank, Mar 17, 2009
Allen, all dentist are not created the same. Do yourself a favor, go to someone who can educate you properly, and help you create a healthy environment in your mouth. It sounds like, you are going to someone who does not have time for you, jumps from one room to another and does not have you on a wellness plan, but on a treating disease plan. You can try to go to and see if you can find a highly qualified dentist to take a look at the situation and help you the best possible. There should be testing on the nerve of the tooth, the gums need to be evaluated and bleeding from your gums are not normal, especially when you yawn!
Please keep us informed on this situation.
by AllenG73, Mar 23, 2009
The molar required a root canal.  The irritation at the gum, which my dentist still has not fixed, was a filling that was not smoothed out.  The rough edge is cutting the inside of my gum.  The dentist said the crown will coverup the spot and will fix it then.  Another few weeks of pain.  I am switching dentists after the crown.  Part of me wants to do it now, but I do not know how one dentist will feel fixing work in progress for another dentist.