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Living w/tooth pain because I'm so frightened of meds, etc. Have Autoimmune diseases-NO ADRENAL FUNCTION and HASHIMOTO'S THYROIDITIS - always inflammed with goiter/nodule.

Talked to some docs - not my specialists - and they don't know what either one was. How can I find an experienced Oral Surgeon who understands and CARES enough to do this work for me; I live w/pain all the time-this can be fixed.  Because of no adrenals, I'm "sensitive to allergic" to most/all synthetic meds. I can deal with semi-opioids.

So, what do you think - GO UNDER (didn't have any problem w/radical hysterectomy) woke up fine; OR Go For Broke and just use the designated amount of meds my Pain Doc/or the Oral Surgeon Recommends.... I won't go out unless it's in a Hospital; I don't understand anesthesiology/auto immune diseases and their interactions with surgery and I feel it's nerve related w/one.

I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (right goiter/swollen neck/internal nodule/neck rash when stressed)-take 210 mgs. Armour 1/day. Also, dealing with NO ADRENAL SUPPORT - right one has hemorraged and has a huge adenoma on it - Mayo Surgeon said "no reason to take it out; probably NOT part of my back pain..." Left one not producing., Take Bio's - Cortisol, Progesterone, Biest, supplements..CHRONIC BACK PAIN-back freezes up when I have MRI-can't move so back pain's a big factor; can't lay flat for long; unless it's an Air Bed.

So, I could use my MEDS - PAIN DOC ORDERED/OR GO UNDER. Wisdom tooth is loose; one next to it is painful-feel it's nerve related; however NOTHING by the Dentist or the first Oral Surgeon was ever discussed; they acted as if I was in GREAT HEALTH. I don't get out of bed all day....have 0 energy and am trying EVERYTHING.

I saw 1 dentist who referred me to an Oral Surgeon-he came in, didn't have any time to answer questions, and out he went. I didn't feel comfortable if he couldn't at least sit and talk to me; my greatest concerns is I don't want to die.....
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None in my area - Big fat 0!  Now I can't hear well in my left ear - hearing has gone down over 50%.  Feels like water, but I'm a swimmer and I know it's not that.  Even dumped alcohol with cotton ball to be sure - because sometimes I "surf in my Jacuzzi!" It's NOT water because it's getting worse!

Had A LOT of upper jaw tooth pain yesterday; darn thing comes and goes - but ALWAYS on a weekend - you CAN COUNT ON IT!  Did some Reiki  - I'm at Master/Teacher) Level - so I know when things are out of whack... even took Tylenol - HATE IT!  Eventually, pain subsided.  

I was given expert advise on going to Emory in Atlanta, but can't leave here yet.  But I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THE GENEROUS ORAL SURGEON.  Not feeling up to travelling - stress limits are through the roof.......

I think my tooth is ALIVE as it SCREAMS with HEAT, COOLNESS AND SUGAR - the ONLY SUGAR I eat is from DRIED ORGANIC FRUIT; didn't realize it had sugar as I mix it w/walnuts (anti-inflammatory) and almonds (serotonin).... So I eat a few pieces - shouldn't even have sugar with no adrenal action going but I'm hypoglycemic and when I go to bed at 10 I'm up at 6 and shaking....So......any other thoughts?  The guy around here wants all my med records - but I still wouldn't have it done in ANY OFFICE...

Worried about my hearing - will it COME BACK?  Starting to feel jabbing pains in it - but mostly just hearing my blood flow and white noise - so I keep on my sound machine or TV as it drives me nuts - like having a plug in....  So many people have messed me up - all with good intentions - but so scared.  Thought I maybe could withstand it for a while longer to get to Atlanta, but now that my left ear (same side as upper teeth problem) - has entered the pic, I'm at a loss...... I came from Johns Hopkins - worked there even - and most of my docs were there - but now I'm literally in the stick in S.C. and there's very little help here......Close to Columbia and Lexington.......
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