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not happy following the extraction of four bicuspids
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not happy following the extraction of four bicuspids

Dear doctor,

Greetings!!!  I have been wearing my fixed ceramic braces for the past 3 years now since i had an overbite.  I never had crowding.  But have wide and big teeth.  Since i had spaces between my teeth, i had my braces on without any extractions.  As time passed, my dentist found that i don't have enough room and advised me to extract four bicuspids which i was reluctant.  After 6 months thought, i finally removed four bicuspids and now i am totally not happy with the extractions.  I could see that my nose appears to be big and my lips are drooping and my teeth have gone very much in and i am missing my wide following the extraction of four bicuspids.  And my lower teeth have gone so much in, that i have a deep bite.  My gaps have not closed yet.  Is it possible to restore my earlier look before the gaps close?  Can i have my bicuspids replaced through dental implants?  Is there a possibility to push the teeth forward once the teeth have gone in?  

Is it possible to close the gaps completely and then push the teeth little forward so that i can level my big nose with my teeth?  Please advise.  I am desperately looking for help.

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if your orthodontist can not solve your problem, you may need to see another orthodontist.

i know exactly who you can see to help you with this.
he is opening up space for me where bicuspids were extracted
when i was 14...

i had an adult..and b/c the teeth were missing as well as
other things..there are problems..and surg..has to be redone.
we are opening up the previously extracted space on the preparation
for the next surgery..

i understand exactly what you are talking about..and wish i would have known this was possible to correct..prior to  my first surgery..
i was thinking there had to be a open the space and put them back in.

b/c i did not find out until after.(because i literally had to find someone as the problems were that bad).we are only going to be able to open up space on the top..
and the lower jaw..still will be  missing the teeth..

it is not asthetic..and it does not leave proper room for the fit in the palate...
it can and often causes sleep well as other things..
please have the space opened back up..
and be evaluated by an oral surgeon to see if what you truly needed was orthognathic sugery..

the orthodontist who treats me is dr bill westlake village california..
he has a website..
i fly from nc..just to have him take care of me..and it is well worth it..

good luck
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