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Will xanax help my OCD?
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Will xanax help my OCD?

I have been suffering with OCD for 2 years. I've had terrible panic attacks along with it and finally went to the doc but assuming it would cost a fortune to tell the doctor about my ocd (i'm not on health insurance) I only told him about my anxiety and not about my OCD and rituals...

My question is..will xanax in anyway help my rituals?? I know it helps anxiety but is it anxiety that causes OCD or OCD that causes anxiety? I've been taking xanax for 2 days and i've been sleeping the entire time .. not really sure if it is helping or not. What I really want help for is my constant worry, checking, rituals. Will xanax help me at all? I do plan on going back to the doctor to explain my OCD to him and maybe he will put me on something else that will help me more with OCD and not just anxiety..but right now i'm kind of confused and would appreciate some advice!

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We all make poor decisions under pressure.  It is clear to you that not talking about the OCD was a bad call.  You may be able to contact your Dr. by phone or email and get a more targeted prescription even sooner.

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