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problem that came up last night for me
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problem that came up last night for me

Yesterday, I got on one of my computers after having shut it down earlier to run out on an errand and found when I ran a utility program, it froze & looked garbled.  I rebooted it and it no longer sprang into action.  I heard the fan running continually in the back of it...a shuttle xpc3200 unit.

I wondered if it was the graphic card.

So...I took it apart and cleaned the dust out (scale of 1 to 10...about a 5)....looked over parts for bulging capacitors or leaking ones.  Looked ok.  On a hunch I took both mem sticks out and popped in one unused one that was extra from years ago and hooked up to a different monitor with peripherals.  It worked.  I put one of the 2 memory sticks I had pulled back in & hooked back up to the original monitor, etc....didn't work, so that solved the problem as I pulled it out & put the remaining one that was with it in and "voila"...computer works.

I will probably bid on ebay or outright buy more memory as it is an older one & locally if it should be in a radio shack or other computer store, it would be inflated...yuck!!

I am happy now as I was using the computer for work, etc. and even though I was able to put the sata drive out & copy things via a blacx..blackwidow, I had the printer & scanner drivers on this one...saves some time.

Funny thing is that I bought a Asus mini notebook at Best Buy earlier in the day and then this happened.  I can be superstitious at times & thought God was sending a message I shouldn't have bought it.  I haven't opened it yet...lol!  I already had an Acer notebook from a year plus ago I got at Sams for under $400 (they were higher then).  The Asus is the EEEEEEEPc...lol!  This one has a 250 gig harddrive with win 7 basic (yuck) whereas my Acer has winxp home edition.  I use it to read e-books, work related material, e-mail, surfing, etc.

I may take the Asus one back.  They are so cute....little baby computer laptops :-)))

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lol Well im glad you fix your problem. Memory is one of those things that just wear out. I dont like using Ebay for tech things because it can often be fake or extremly cheap. I would go with NewEgg. Ill take your notebook off your hands lol :D Windows 7 is okay i too like XP the best. That why when i build mine im think of install windows XP on it. 7 and vista hog your ram up and they just not as nice. That and i know all the ins and out of an XP.  
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