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Chronic Chest Pain
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Chronic Chest Pain

Hello everyone

I am a 27 year old man.

This past February, I had a bad reaction to smoking weed, I ended up feeling like I was having a heart attacked and black out, but came back too.  I spent the night in the hospital where they did all the appropriate tests and showed my heart was fine.

Fast forward to november.  After playing 3 hours of basketball ( I play all the time) I get in my car and my chest feels really weird as if I was going to pass out.  I went home and layed down and it went away.  But for a whole month, everyday I would have some sort of chest pain on the left side of my chest.

3 weeks ago at Target, I was walking and my head got all cloudy, my leg got numb and I thought I was going to drop dead, I went to the ER where they said my chest was okay.  I go to the Doctors that Tuesday but couldn't get out of bed because now my head felt like it weighed 1000 lbs and I couldn't move.  I get admitted to the hospital with chest/head pains.

Here are the tests they did:

MRI - Brian, Spine, Neck
EKG, Heart Monitor, Chest Xray, Chest Catscan, EEG, and tons of blood work.

I leave the hospital for christmas and spent the next two weeks in bed because of my head spinning and my chest hurting.

Yesterday, I got to the caridologist who is telling me there is nothinng wrong with me, yet I feel weak and my chest is in constant pain.  He suggested Costochondritis.  

I'm not sure what else to do here, I've been in pain for over a month, can someone relate or suggest a test or a type of doctor I should see?  I write this with cloudy head and chest pain.

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Avatar m tn
Hey man,
I can relate what you're going through ,I'm 38 & been have chest pains/dizziness/coughing up blood/swelling & /back pains. I've been to cardiologist/pulmonologist/Gi/ & internal medicine. My first test was a nuclear stress on a treadmill which indicated a blockage.

They transferred me to another hospital /did a left sided cath and said there were no blockages and released me having chest pains /a fluttering/and dizziness. since then i've had a chest ct,a bronchoscopy, an EGD,about 100 x rays,blood work,An echo,wore a heart monitor for 2 weeks.

Since then i've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and anxiety and am on heart meds for the flutter. My vision and memory seem to get worse every day.I don't have insurance so now i'm broke and sick .I am still working and feel better at work  But when I lay down at night I CAN'T BREATHE .

My advice to you is if you have insurance go to the mayo clinic,they will figure out the problem    /it may cost 40,000. I went there but needed a 20,000 deposit but they would have figured it out
My father in law went to 3 heart drs. before they found his problem /He had open heart surgery at the VA hospital in ATL and is doing better.If you don't have insurance or a ton of money ,I don't believe anyone will perform heart surgery. I'm poor but yet don't qualify for medicaid .I work and pay taxes .I run my own business,  health Insurance would cost me 700 a month and I would probably be turned down because all these test.
The healthcare industry is nothing but a racket ,I just paid 100 bucks for a bottle of lyrica,
Obama made promises that he can't keep  because  the rich would rather keep getting richer than to let us poor trailer trash Americans get healthcare .$350 to walk through the door at the cardiologist/$200 for the pulmonologist/$200 for the GI and 20,000 grand for the useless test .
I just needed to vent that /Hey I hope you get better man.My prayers are with you .Put your faith in Jesus He's better than any DR.
Avatar dr f tn
How are you? Do you still experience the chest pains? Chest pains can be due to cardiac or non-cardiac causes such as pulmonary, musculoskeletal and even gastrointestinal in nature. If your heart is fine, you may need to check the other causes to determine the underlying cause. Rest and healthy lifestyle- healthy diet and exercise, are highly recommended. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn

I still deal with chest pains daily.  Sometimes they are even crushing feeling in the middle of the chest and can last a whole day.  The Cardiologist has done almost everything for me, even a 30 day heart monitor, which showed nothing but perfection.

I had a chest xray and catscan, which were also both normal.

Everyone keeps telling me it's anxiety, but I can't don't want to believe that
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