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Do I have heart failure?
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Do I have heart failure?

44 year old male, fit, non smoker
1st heart attack at 26, no treatment
2nd heart attack at 43, CAD, cabg for 100% block right artery, 90 percent left main, 40% block main artery not able to operate upon as well as a borderline EF 40% and LA dysfunction

Since then heart flutters, recurring low blood pressure, angina, some shortness of breath, in hospital 3 times for various bouts of numbness in arms, jaw, flutters etc, sinus brachycardia

Latest echo
left ventricle size normal, overall function well preserved.  focal region of dyskenisis involving basal septum and akinesis of basal inferior wall, EF is normal
Left Atrium at 4 cm, upper end of normal
tricuspid valve regurgitation identified

What do you think?
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How are you?
Heart failure impairs the ability of the heart fill blood. The main symptoms of heart failure are breathlessness, dizziness, confusion, arrythmias, peripheral edema, and increased sweating.
The exact diagnosis can be made only a physical examination. Heart failure is diagnosed by applying boston’s criteria. Please check the link below:
A score anywhere between 8-12 points will make a definite diagnosis of heart failure
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Heart failure is the inability of the heart to pump an adequate supply of blood oxygen into circulatory system to meet the system's demand.  The result is often shortness of breath, muscle fatigue, angina (cheat pain, etc) would be the must likely symptoms.  

Your latest echo echo left ventricle size normal, overall function well preserved.  focal region of dyskenisis involving basal septum and akinesis of basal inferior wall, EF is normal.  Left Atrium at 4 cm, upper end of normal; tricuspid valve regurgitation identified.  Results rule out heart failure with the statement overal function is well preserved.

There is some wall movement impairment (rom prior MI) but that doesn't effect the functionality of the heart.

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Echocardiograms are not always accurate.  It is one tool that is used.  Have you had an angiogram?  If not, please do so.  An angiogram tells it all and the diagnosis may be far off from the echocardiogram results.  Your symptoms sound serious to me.  Once blood pressure drops down very low, the liver starts failing.  Not everyone gets chest pain with heart failure.  Heart failure symptoms are right side water retention in legs and abdomen.  Left side heart failure (more serious than right side) water in lungs with usually coughing. Heart failure is critical if lips, ears, nose and hands and feet start turning blue.  See your doctor today and request an angiogram if you haven't already had one recently.

Take care.
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Thank you for posting this link.  I have been asking this question for almost 2 years and haven't really found any answers until I found your response to Brenta
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