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My Father is 86 diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  In 2004 he had a heart attack and we have been able to keep it under control with medicines all this time.  
In October 2011 he was in the hospital twice and then to the nursing home for rehabilitation. His heart was only working @ 25% when he experienced severe weakness and the swelling became very bad.  Since then he has been with us and we are taking care of him.
He asked a few weeks ago if we could get oxygen to help him breathe, he was suffocating.  We had to go to Dr.s office for assessment, which he did not do bad enough to qualify for home oxygen therapy.  I kept telling them how he acted while he was trying to sleep and that he was exhausted all the time.
So, after that they requested a simple oxygen study while he slept and recorded a night.  The results were over 300 times in the night he was having episodes where he just stopped breathing.  The total was over 2 hrs. that he was supposed to be sleeping he was fighting just to breathe.
While doing some investigating I see that many CHF patients do benefit from this therapy.  
I also see the CHF is a large majority of patients being treated.  The goal I was told by his cardiologist is to keep the fluid off as much as possible and keep them out of the hospital.
If I were not taking care of my Father and making sure he takes his medicines and pushing some of these Dr.s he would have no advocate to keep everyone moving to keep him comfortable.
Is there anyone else out there who has experienced this and what else can I expect so I can make sure he is comfortable as possible?
Thanks for any comments..
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