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Please Explain What caused Mom's death.
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Please Explain What caused Mom's death.


Last Friday, my mother passed away. Her pacemaker was removed about 2 1/2 months ago due to infection.
Her Doctor at that time said that a new pacemaker will be put in after a month or so.
Recently, the doctor checked her and said she did not need one and to continue giving her heart medications.

On Thursday, she went shopping with friends and had a decent dinner around 8.30 P.M - around 9.30 P.M she came out of her bedroom to the kitchen to take her nightly medication. She looked just fine!

She always used to watched TV at night and just before switching it off or soon after she would take her dentures off.

In the morning, I found that her head was on the night table and looked as if she was about to fall out of bed.
There was foam coming out of her mouth and she felt very cold. After I wiped, some more foam came out.
Paramedics told us that she had no heart activity and that she had expired.

What I do not understand is why her head was on night table with legs still on bed. Her head was next to the TV Remote. The TV was off and she was not covered by her blanket. She never took her dentures off.
The way the blanket was, it appeared that either she was trying to go to bed or trying to get out.

What exactly happened? I am confused and just hope that she had a peaceful death.
Will appreciate comments from youl.
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hi there, can i say im sorry for your loss.It seems that sometimes these things just happen, and it is vey painful when your loved one passes alone.My mum went into hospital last year with sickness, vomiting, was admitted to the ward and was chatting to a young nurse, who left to type up her notes, and 10 mins later on returning to check a detail, my mum was gone, from a heart attack.It has plagued me, i feel terrible she died alone, she deserved better than that,i only take comfort that her loved ones were there to meet her, and she is at peace, its been a year and it still bugs me, i recently requested her notes of admission, as she was known to have a bad heart.i dont suppose ill ever get answers, but i think maybe its part of the grieving process
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