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What is going on-- Please help
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What is going on-- Please help

55 year old male has heart disease. Has 4 stents. 2 heart attacks. 1 open heart surgery. Went to ER with symptoms of  shortness of breath badly, swallow stomach, dizziness, large weight gain in a 3 day period. ER took X-ray and said they were admitting him to have an ultrasound of the heart but the next day they do a cat scan. They say it looks like congestive heart failure. Next day they do a heart ultrasound. The next day a doctor comes in and said 35 - 40% blood flow per minute. Finally a cardiologist comes in a says we our doing a chemical stress test and I will have exact answers after it.  doctor says not sure medication would help at this point. male patient is confused and does not know how to respond. Doctor leaves. Chemical stress test done and 8 hours later still no information. We pressure the nurse and she makes a call then states tomorrow we are doing a heart catherization. Still no answer of why. No answers about the test. Can never get ahold of the Cardiologist for answers. Why do we need a catherization? Shouldn't of all answers come from the other 3 tests? Heart surgery was only 10 months ago. Any advice on what to do? Should we not by now have an exact EF number?   Thank you in advance for any information.
Hello and hope you are doing well.

Understand your predicament. An ejection fraction reflects the pumping capacity of the heart. From what I gather its at 35-40%. Now the next step is to see what has caused the low values and therapy to increase the same. Stress testing helps to identify perfusion defects, indicating diminished blood supply to heart muscle. After identifying the defects a cardiac catheterization helps to study the arterial structure of the heart and to identify the blocks for further therapy. I suggest you have an open discussion with your doctor and clarify your doubts before consenting for the procedure.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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