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issues with drugs
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issues with drugs

I used meth from the time I was 14 until I was 21 when I quit because I had a bad UA at work. About a month later I went to urgent care because I was waking up every night hyperventelating so I thought I was having some kind of panic attack while I was sleeping.
  It turned out to be end stage CHF my e\f was 12%. I continued to decline to the point where I was no longer able to bathe myself, I was in a wheelchair and needed help getting dressed.
  During that time I ended up with a pulmonary embolism and a DVT in my left arm. I spent close to 3 weeks in the hospital and when I was leaving they said and I quote "you have end stage heart failure and there is nothing we can do but make you comfortable".
  So when I got home I bought some meth and got high...I figured if I'm going to die anyways what's it matter.
I continued to get high and seemed to be getting better.
  Now it's 4 years later and you would never even guess I even had CHF and I'm still using. The problem I'm having is I quit for 3 weeks and started retaining alot of water...So much that I couldn't lay down without coughing and having a really hard time breathing. So I got high and a few days later I had lost almost all of the water weight.
  I don't want to get high anymore but it seems like when I don't I go down hill fast. So how do I approach my cardiologist with this issue...I'm afraid they won't want to see me anymore but I have to do something because I'm tired of feeling like if I quit I'll die...I would be so greatful for any advice that could help
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That's interesting to say the least.  However, find yourself a doctor who will prescribe the proper medication for CHF.

Coreg is a good place to start, along with lasix, and whatever else the doctor thinks will help you.

I'm in end stage heart failure and my doctor still gives me the medication I need to control it.  I take Coreg 25mg 2 x day, Diltiaziem 90 mg 3 x day, and Lasix 120 a day, and it does a good job of controlling the symptoms, such as the profound swelling you wrote about.  I was told about 1 1/2 years ago that I was going to die and I'm still here.

I think your doctor would be more understanding than you give him credit for, but if not, there are others who would be.  They might give you a hard time for what you're doing, but I don't think they would just turn their back on you.

I hope this helps.
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