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left ventricular hypertrophy regression
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left ventricular hypertrophy regression

34, m, overweight, african. early this year an echo revealed that i had left ventricular enlargement (ventricular wall of 1.1cm). slight thickening of the endo, all other things including ecg and xray was normal.  I was told that i should not worry too much about it that it will regress with proper control of my bp. i was placed on 100mg of atenolol, 5mg of norvasc, 25mg of captopril and 1/2 moduretic a day. Later I insisted on stopping atenolol cos I started having erectyle disfunction and my pulse was dropping to <  50). Recently i ran out of captopril and a pharmacist advised me to try lisinopril 5mg once a day which i did and noticed that it controlled my bp better, with captopril my bp is usually 130-140/80-90 but lisinopril it is 120-130/70-80 which i seem to prefer, but the prob is that with lisinopril i started noticing chest pains again, ankle pain, feeling tired and weak and one night after drinking a lot of beer i had serious abdominal pain, i tot i was going to die, i prayed and i got better. i never had any of these symptoms with captopril just a mettalic taste in my mouth and occasional mucus in my throat. Also with just 10mg of norvasc a day i notice that my bp is stable at 120/80. I am going to c my cardiologist soon and will like your advice on which drugs to take, is it lisinopril in combinationg with 5mg of norvasc and moduretic or captopril in combination with the others or i shud just take the 10mg of norvasc? My target is to regress the lvh so i don't know which of these drugs can give me a better result. n/b i smoke and drink moderately. Whats my prognosis, i will like to live long enough to take of my 3 yr old girl and 1.5 yr old boy. can I possibly make it to 70?
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Some physicians prefer using a single drug in the maximum dose before combining it with another but the latest guidelines recommend combining drugs(with different mechanisms of action) in low dose instead of using a single in the maximum dose. I also prefer combining. The guidelines recommend combining a diuretic with either an ace inhibitor (lisinipril) or beta blocker (atenolol) or calcium channel blocker (amplodipine). I sincerely believe this should help. Take care.
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