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very unusal request for help re:CHF + PVC's
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very unusal request for help re:CHF + PVC's

I know this is a very unusual request and many will not wish to respond, but any input will be very much appreciated.

I am a 75 yr. old male with a 14 year history of CHF with an EF of 15-19%. I recently developed "Life Threating" PVC's. I was referred to an electro physiologist to develop a course of treatment to control the PVC's in order to strengthen my heart to the extent that I could undergo ablation. During testing to determine the best meds to use, it was discovered that I have metastastic malignant mesopheloma lung cancer. My oncologist informs me that my heart condition precludes surgery, chemo, etc. I have discussed this with my Oncologist, my cardiologist, and family physician, all agree that the cancer will be terminal in a few months. I have suspended all heart meds in hope of increasing the chance of sudden cardiac arrest, something I find infinitely more preferable to a lengthily and painful death from the cancer with the accompanying ordeal for my family. I have discussed this decision with all the above named doctors, all agreed that it was a logical and understandable position, No one tried to dissuade me from this course of action. I have discussed this at length with my family who are also regretfully in agreement.

I would appreciate any pertinent input pertaining to steps I might consider to increase the chances of sudden cardiac arrest.

I fully recognize what I am asking and don’t mean to offend anyone’s sensibilities, but I would really appreciate any help. Thank you all.
Hello and it is sad that beyond certain limits all the medical advances in the world cannot help some life threatening conditions. Weaning yourself off the medications will worsen your heart conditions. The primary goal is for you to be symptoms free. So, keeping this in mind, you will need to discuss with your doctors about the monitoring and follow up protocol and about supportive therapy when needed. Personal Regards.
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