Abnormally large skull/odd shape
by Geralt, Oct 01, 2011
I'm an 18 year old male and I have a pretty major skull deformity. My head is abnormally large in width and height and there's some large protrusions around the sides of my forehead. My hairline is also incredibly high and asymmetrical, but it hasn't receded any. It's pretty much ruined my social life, because everyone comments on it and I've been suffering from severe depression relating to it. I've been treated for the depression, but it's not helped as the problem causing it is still obviously there.

What surgery is available to fix this?
by Howard Rosenberg, MDBlank, Oct 10, 2011
Correction or reconstruction of your problem cannot be addressed in this forum properly.  You need to see, in consultation, a craniofacial or maxillofacial specialist who can examine you and obtain the proper diagnostic studies (X-rays, CT scans, etc.) to determine an exact treatment plan.
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by seroma, Oct 02, 2011
I am positive this "so called deformity" is FAR worse to YOU than anyone else! You do not need to change a thung about your head. Except what's inside your head and the thought that somehow something is wrong with your appearance. It is the thought that is ruining your social life not your appearance. Once you can learn to accept and love yourself and all your fine qualities and blessings and be able to say honestly to yourself, "if someone doesn't like me because of something so shallow as my outward appearance then I don't want to hang with that person anyway!" You don't need your skull fixed, not the outside anyway! :)
by Geralt, Oct 02, 2011
Sorry, but that's the biggest load of crap I've ever read. I've obviously noticed this issue and everyone else has too. It's not really as easy as just getting over it. I'm sure if you were in this situation, you certainly wouldn't be able to.