removing underarm accessory breast tissue
by ProfessorMom, Feb 12, 2008
I have extra breast tissue under my arms which has been there since puberty--and grown bigger or smaller depending on pregnancy, weight gain, monthly cyles, etc. Now I'm done having kids, 43 years old and am trying to find out more information about having the breast tissue removed. It is painful to touch (all the time) but causes no major problems so far. Does having this increase the risk of breast cancer?

It is now a bit soft and looser (like my breasts!) after breast feeding two children and losing some elasticity. Is liposuction the best option, or that "conservative resection of axillary breast tissue" you spoke about before? Is a plastic surgeon the best practitioner to do it or a breast surgeon? And of course, how much does it cost, generally (both underarms).

Thank you for any help you can provide.
by Howard Rosenberg, MDBlank, Feb 12, 2008
Liposuction can be used to re-shape your axillary breast tissue, but the choice of surgical removal versus liposuction will depend on how much extra skin is present, and an evaluation of how much that skin will shrink with liposuction.  The presence of this breast tissue will not affect your chance of getting breast cancer.

I recommend a plastic surgeon evaluate your situation because any plastic surgeon will have more options (like liposuction) available to treat the area than a general surgeon.  Costs will depend on the extent and nature of the procedure used and will vary from one area and region of the country to another, so any estimate I make will be meaningless.  
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