Pro Bono tummy tuck
by dancing_rainbow, Jun 19, 2008
I desperately wish to find a way to have a tummy tuck surgery performed on me. I'm 24 and when I was 19 I gained 60 pounds during my pregnancy. I have lost all the weight and I exercise at least 3 times a week but nothing other than a tummy tuck will help with the loose skin. I'm a recovering addict and single mother who is just trying to move forward in life. I'm attending college and doing everything I can to make a better life for myself yet my confidence level is so low because of my stomach. My question is: Is there any way for me to have this surgery pro bono or on a payment plan?

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by bev62, Jun 20, 2008
Most all plastic surgeon offices have financing. Congratulations on trying to get your life in order.  You've got your hands full being a single mother and a college student.
by dragonflytami, Mar 04, 2010
I am a mother of 4, recovering drug addict of 11 years, I have bipolar and a very poor self image due to the way my body looks. I want to be happy with myself and the way I look. I am undergoing therapy to better my emotional and mental well being, but I am in need of feeling good physically also. I don't have a lot of money and I am looking for a doctor that could and would be willing to donate their time and expertise. If you would at all be interested in helping me out, please contact me or even refer me to a colleague of yours that would be willing to help me out. If not, I do appreciate you taking the time to read this.
by CeCe7777, Apr 03, 2010
I'm looking very hard for someone too help me, I really do not ask for much,  but I can not afford to pay for a tummy tuck, I'm a mother of four and last one in college, I work all my life for others and now that I almost have all the childrens out of the house, I really would like too do something for me, my childrens has left me with a stomach that's not sooo pretty I have a set of twins, I gain over 50pounds and loose skin please help me....    
by Pretty76, May 06, 2011
Im looking for a doctor to perform a tummy tuck on my I'm a single mother of two, I cannot nor will I have the means to get this do by myself I'm looking for a Good Doctor whom have a Kind Heart and won't mind performing this operation on me. I've found it very hard to lose it on my on, but I con't  workout and keep a postive attuide about it. So if its a doctor out there you can find it there heart to perform for me I'll be VERY APPRECIATE!! Thank You