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Can you still be anemic with some normal results?
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Can you still be anemic with some normal results?

A little background.
Im only 20 years old and im a male
Somethings wrong with me
One day i started burping and had a false heart attack scare and ever since then "its been a year now"
i have suffered from constant heavy beating in my chest, high blood pressure and other weird symptoms.
I have been diagnosed with a small hiatal hernia but i dont know if its causing all my problems or not.
I used to skateboard everyday, but in the blink of an eye that gift was taken away. Now when i jump on a skateboard my body totally flips out  and i get this weird flush and get all tired right away.

But anyways, i started to think the acid in my stomach is causing me to loose blood and be anemic...
But these results are notmal
WBC  6.4     reference interval  4.0- 10.5
RBC  5.20                RI             4.10-5.60

Hemoglobin  15.5      RI           12.5-17.0
Hematocrit    44.8                    36.0-50.0

Can i still have iron deficient anemia with these results?  

Also my thyroid t4 free test was  1.75  and the RI   in .82-1.77
So does this mean on a bad day i could be hyperthyroid?              
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