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Chrons and Transfer Factor
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Chrons and Transfer Factor

Crohn's Disease
I have suffered the pain and helplessness of Crohn's Disease since 1976. Over the years, I have searched everywhere for relief and information, with the help of my husband and family. In 1986 & 1990 I had bowel resections, with no medical insurance. I have taken part in two clinical trials, at Cedars Sinai Med. Center, in Beverly Hills, Ca., within the last five years and the travel and expense has taken a toll on our finances.  I have tried it all from Ozone to Remicade, with only short term relief or no help at all.

In October of 2000 I was told I have kidney disease ( IgAN ), which is also an auto-immune condition. This doctor told me the exact same thing I was told for the Crohn's, " We don't know what causes this, don't know how to cure it and advise mega doses of steroids."
At this point I knew I needed something to boost and modulate my immune system, as my body could not stand more Prednisone. A few days later my husbands' good friend told us about TRANSFER FACTOR and I knew it was an answer to my prayers.

I began taking 6 Transfer Factor and 4 BioEFA per day on January 9th, 2001 and within two weeks my husband and I noticed a remarkable improvement in my energy, I have no more pain and life is fun again. All this with no horrible side effects of steroids or antibiotics.

I am getting my life back, after 25 years, and no words can express my joy and happiness.  Linda S.

Crohn’s disease:  I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 1991.  Throughout the past several years I have suffered from constant pain in my abdomen along with irritability and other symptoms of Crohn’s disease.  Crohn’s disease being an inflammatory bowel disease also causes malnutrition.  Along with the Crohn’s, I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr virus also known as chronic fatigue.  I had to take several naps during the day just to be able to regain my energy to perform little tasks. I chose not to take the drugs that were prescribed to me.  I looked towards alternative forms of treatment."

Over the years I have tried many forms of therapy and supplements to help fight the Crohn’s.  I even went to a hospital in Tijuana, Mexico to try some new alternative treatment.  The most relief that I would have would last for a few weeks.  I’m 6’2" tall and my weight was down to 167 lb.  I just learned to live with it. In September of 1998 I learned about 4 Life Research and Transfer Factor.  After taking Transfer Factor for a month I started to notice that I was sleeping through the night without any pain or irritability.  Then I noticed that I could eat foods that I had stayed away from due to the pain they would cause.  My energy level was lasting longer throughout the day and I wouldn’t have to take naps. It has now been five months since I started on Transfer Factor along with the Bio-Efa (essential fatty acids) and I have had absolutely no symptoms of the Crohn’s disease.  My weight is now 187 lb. and I feel great.  The best part is I now enjoy eating healthy foods that I couldn’t eat before.  Dave D.

Crohn's Disease: My name is Michael, I'm 22 years old, and I'm from Enfield, Connecticut (USA).  I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease on May 1st of 2000.

I had been to numerous doctors throughout my life, with complaints of horrendous symptoms: only to be told it was all in my head.  It usually felt as if I was being stabbed constantly around the lower right section of my abdomen.  I had seen 16 doctors in total; ranging from General Practitioners, GI specialists, and Endocrinologists.

I believe I had the disease for well over 10 years (Since age 12 or earlier).  In the 10 years I went searching for answers I was misdiagnosed with everything from Anorexia, Manic Depression, ADHD, Severe Depression, and just random social anxiety. This year I had actually begun losing a lot of weight.  Every week that passed between Christmas 1999 - May of 2000- I noticed about 5-10lbs being lost.  I was 205lbs in December and shrunk down to a meager 125lbs in 4 months.  I remember waking up one afternoon to go to work, and seeing myself in the mirror as I passed it to get in the shower.  I realized that the person I saw in the mirror wasn't recognizable. It was at this point I became scared.  I began researching online, calling doctors, and searching for answers.

Eventually I was no longer capable of walking.  I became so weak that I would go into shock If I even attempted to get out of bed.  I decided that if the doctors wouldn't allow me to come to them, then I would force them to see me, by being carried into the ER. At the ER they ran general tests, (Blood pressure, checked eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and took a urine sample) and found .... "get this!" *Nothing wrong*.  I asked if an Upper GI could be done or perhaps some general blood testing for anemia, because it was suggested that Crohn's Disease may be the cause by a close friend.  They "shrugged" and said they didn't have time, or someone available to run the tests.  Can you imagine the nerve of someone telling me in the Emergency Room that they didn't have a person available to run an Upper GI or general blood test?  I became infuriated, and more upset.  As I was leaving the hospital via wheel chair I asked the nurse if she could get me a large trash bag.  She then immediately asked; "why do you need such a large bag?"  I then responded saying; "I have to have something large enough to carry all my symptoms, and suffering out through this door."  She then gave me a disapproving look, and I got even more bitter.

Eventually I was diagnosed correctly. Conventional medications (Prednisone, Methoxtrexate, Imuran, Asacol, and Remicade were all failures for me).  They allowed me to survive, but the quality of my life was severely limited.  I was still to weak to leave my house, and the side effects of these conventional treatments left my body withered, and fatigued.

After 6 months of research, and scrutinizing through subject matter related to immunology, bio-chemistry, and differing theories on the causation of Crohn's Disease I was introduced to a product called Transfer Factor Plus by a women named Bonnie.  The research I had been doing on Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis (theorized bacterium trigger/cause of Crohn's Disease, and Johne's Disease) correlated directly with the product, and contained exactly what was necessary for me to overcome the infection.  It was at this point that I had to implement the treatment, and see if the expected results would infact ring through.  I have been on Transfer Factor Plus, and 4Life's Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's) for 3 weeks, and I am doing "wonderful".  All symptoms related to the disorder have vanished, and I continue to take 9 Transfer Factor capsules per day, and 4 EFA capsules daily!  As my body heals from the damage done by the illness I'll take this time to build a business at home being a distributor of 4Life, and it's innovative products. I'll advocate the use of 4Life's products for those who continue to suffer with these silent conditions.  That is in fact what Inflammatory Bowel Diseases are *The silent diseases*  We who suffer with these diseases put on such great facades to cover our shame, and embarrassment, all the while going home at night to clench our pillows against our abdomens, and cry ourselves to sleep.  You no longer have to suffer alone, and there is a treatment regimen available to end your debilitation.

If you know someone who suffers from Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, call me ASAP and I will be happy to point you in the right direction.  You don't have to live with it.

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