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Crohn's and Gall Bladder Problems Both?
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Crohn's and Gall Bladder Problems Both?

I have had Crohn's for many years and have been on all the drugs available (Hunira, Remicade, Steroids, Asacol, etc..) In order to avoid surgery I am soon going to participate in an experimental drug with the risk I could be receiving a placebo. The symptoms have gotten worse. I have 10-12- bowel movements per day/night, many of which are small amounts of oily liquid and alot of gas. My colon never really feels empty and the movements are urgent, so I live near a bathroom. I am wondering if anyone out there has advanced Crohn's like mine? I am also wondering if I might have a Gall Bladder problem at the same time?
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I had advance chrons.  When it started raging I would have chills, spiked fever and then washed out for the day.   In November I was sitting in a chair when I had a horrible pain that made me fall out of the chair.  We rushed to the hospital and that was really a joke, after 3 hours in the waiting room my pain had subsided and the dr told me to visit my gi dr.  
That was the start of horrible pains, weight loss etc.  I started remicade in Feb. and was feeling much better.  Then in March I had a urinary tract infection, it wouldn't clear up and after many tests found that I had a fistula.
As much as I did not want surgery I was told that I had to have it.  I searched out the best bariatric surgeon that I could find and he told me he would try lapo surgery but couldn't guarantee it.  I ask if he would at least try and he said yes, and if anyone can do it I can.
He did the surgery lapo, butnd because it was so extensive I was in the hospital a week.
But after that I was much better and able to go back to work 2 weeks after my surgery.
I was lucky that I had the surgery because they found a small cancer in the middle of the infected intestine.  But they caught it early and I have not had to have other treatment for the cancer, just visit the oncologist every 3 months, after a year it is now every 4 months.  Just to check things out.
Since my surgery I have felt great.  My last scope showed only mild chrons.
Because I had about 3 feet of my small intestine removed I still have liquid bowels often but then some days not.  I still have 4-5 bowel movements on most days.
If you end up having to have surgery, check out the best bariatric surgeon who has done loads of lapo surgery.
Good Luck.....
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