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Humira vs. Cimzia
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Humira vs. Cimzia

Hey guys!

I was wondering if there's anyone out there that can give me more information on cimzia. Every medication I have tried either makes me worse, or I have reactions to. I created a reaction to Remicade and Humira just doesn't seem to work anymore. I am bleeding more than I have in years and I am only 18.

My brother met a girl who takes Cimzia and she is having amazing results. I have, well, little hope that the Humira will turn around and stop working.

I am not asking a doctor is I should ask my doctor about Cimzia, I already plan to when she gets back from Holidays. I left my nurse a message about my medications yesterday, and hope to get an answer today. So I am just looking for first hand experience and medical knowledge on this other biologic.

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Hi there!

Cimzia is a therapeutic monoclonal antibody. Though it has been found to be useful in cases of Crohn’s, it is largely reserved for moderate-severe cases due to an adverse side effect profile; though you could discuss with your treating doctor, if it would be suitable in your case.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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First...happy to meet a fellow Dodger fan!

Neither Remicade nor Humira worked for my son either (he is 12 yrs old).  Our doctor feels that we need to move away from the TNF's and onto a different type of biologic.  Deep breath...we are looking at Tysabri.  Just met with a pediatric GI specialist at Cedar's about our history and the future outlook.  They were able to help me understand more about the benefit vs risk factors involved.

Contact me, if you'd like to discuss further.
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Thanks for the reply!

My doctors figured that going that route wouldn't work for me since I usually only get the side effects and not the actual benefits.

I'm starting a multistem cell treatment here soon.

Hope your son gets better soon!
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I was diagnosed w CD in 1994.  I've tried Remicaid, Humira, and finally in remission with Cimzia.  
Treatment has come a long way since I was first diagnosed.
Cimzia has worked for me when other treatment didn't or when I had an allergic reaction to other treatment.  
Injecting it myself isn't awful either, you get used to it.  
Important factors:  find a GI Dr. that you really like, research & be knowledgeable about your disease, and take the best care of your body.  
Remember, this will pass and you WILL live a "normal" life.  
Good luck & take care!  
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