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IBS or something else
In March, I had food poison, acute stomach pain with diarrhea. My GP trated it with some medicines and injections.

After that I had burning sensation in my upper stomach and strained a lot for passing tools leading to piles.

In June I went to a Gastro for checkup. He did endoscopy and treated my mild antral gastritis / h pylori infection with antibiotics and PPIs.

Since I had weight loss, the doctor asked me to do a complete blood test, liver function test, chest Xray, CT scan of abdomen and also colonoscopy.

The results were are positive and no problem with my abdomen.

I was completely normal after the gastritis treatment until end of July.

I started to eat all kinds of food (in small amounts).

Since August another problem took off. For the past four weeks I have alternative diarrhea and constipation with bloating and dull lower abdominal pain.

I had piles attack once again. I had fybogel to treat my consipation and it worked well.

I asked my Gastro doctor about my condition on phone, he said since all your tests were normal, there is nothing to worry about.

Since I am living overseas, he suggested me to visit a GP.

I passed loose stools once last saturday and yesterday evening and today morning.

I am worried if I have IBD or IBS.

Please help.
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