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Is it possible to have multiple resections (small bowel, sigmoidectomy ...
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Is it possible to have multiple resections (small bowel, sigmoidectomy and/or hemicolectomy) during the same operation?

I have multi-focal Crohn's disease with an almost full obstruction in the small bowel in the area that connects to the colon.  That area has already been resected twice.

I have severe inflammation in the transverse colon with scar tissue that has built up.

I have a really lousy lesion in my sigmoid colon that is probably contributing to my pelvic/groin pain.

Most of my stools are burning water, but I usually spike a 102+ fevers with debilitating back pain when I'm constipated.  What had been some red clotting blood when I go to the bathroom has most recently turned into dark purple blood.

I'm on Remicade at 10mg/kg every 6 weeks which controls my joint pain but does not sufficiently help my stomach-related Crohn's issues.  My doctor added a short burst of Prednisone and has scheduled me for a surgical consult for what he termed "complicated surgical issues".

My question is: Can multiple resections be done during the same operation -- like a sigmoidectomy and/or hemicolectomy and/or small bowel resection?  

I would like to get a sense of what kind of surgeries would be considered and what types of medications could be added to Remicade.  I have been on other tnf blockers, imuran, azulfadine, pentasa and all of the usual suspects.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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